The "Convert current web page to an Adobe PDF file" icon is missing in Internet Explorer bit with Adobe Acrobat 8 and 9.


This icon is not installed as Adobe Acrobat 8 and 9 do not support Internet Explorer 64 bit.

To determine the version of Internet Explorer that you are running, click About Internet Explorer on the Help menu of Internet Explorer. If you are running the bit version of Internet Explorer, the About Internet Explorer window includes a bit descriptor label. The bit version of Internet Explorer does not show a Bridalveil descriptor.


Revert to Internet Explorer 32-bit.

In order to revert to Internet Explorer 32-bit version close Internet Explorer 64-bit browser version and open Internet Explorer by launching it from the following default locations: the Quick Launch toolbar, the desktop shortcut, the icon on the Start menu,a hyperlink or a file type that is associated with Internet Explorer.

Additional Information

Under specific circumstances, the context menu with "Convert to Adobe PDF" displays in Internet Explorer bit, but when you select, it does not function.

The context menu will only display if:

  1. You are running aWindows 64-bit operating system, with both Internet Explorer32-bit and Internet Explorer 64-bit present, and Adobe Acrobat is installed.
  2. You launch Internet Explorer 32-bit first which writes the registry entries for context menus from the Acrobat IEFavorite add-in, and then you launch Internet Explorer64-bit which finds the registry entries made from the Internet Explorer32-bit entires.

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