Missing field data in PDF forms

The form fields in a form opened in Adobe Acrobat or Reader for desktop can show the form fields as blank. The PDF was filled on a mobile device (using Adobe Reader X for mobile) and then sent back as an email attachment or via any other mode.


Issue doesn't occur if the PDF form recipient uses Acrobat or Adobe Reader for desktop to fill and submit form data.

Solution: Disable field highlighting

In Acrobat or Reader for desktop (Windows or Mac OS X), disable field highlighting by doing one of the following:

  • Click the Highlight Existing Fields button on the purple document message bar.
  • Disable the desktop Reader/Acrobat field highlighting preference by choosing Edit > Preferences. Select Forms and under Highlight Color deselect Show border hover color for fields.

Additional information

Adobe Reader 10.2 for Mobile brings all new support for filling PDF forms (in addition to other features). However, some forms have fonts or use text that Adobe Reader for Mobile cannot yet encode correctly. Therefore, for these fonts, Adobe Reader for mobile uses an image snapshot of the field.

The desktop version of Reader or Acrobat hides such image fields when field highlighting is turned ON. Therefore, the form fields can appear blank when viewed in Acrobat or Reader for desktop.

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