Issue: Incorrect conversion of Decimal and thousand (. and ,) separators from pdf to excel in Acrobat DC

When you export a pdf into excel the dots and comas in the cells are not correctly recognized.

For eg. If a PDF contains numbers such as 71.328,57 (where "." is the thousand separator and "," is the decimal separator) and it is saved as an excel spreadsheet it is converted as 71.32857




The behavior of decimal separator depends on the Operating System locale.

For eg. If the file is exported on a French OS with French Acrobat, the exported excel file looks good in MS Excel.

If we are working on ENU locale, the result will be different.

This can be controlled by specifying a setting in Acrobat as well as Excel to treat comma as decimal separator.



Export PDF to any format in Acrobat

In Excel : Go to File > Options > Advanced > Uncheck 'Use System Separators' and set the decimal as , and thousands as .

Export PDF to any format in Excel

Now if you convert the file in Acrobat DC to excel spreadsheet it will convert fine.

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