Organize assets in libraries

Do you want to organize assets in libraries? Here’s how you can do it with groups & subgroups. 

Libraries allow users to create groups and subgroups in them. These groups are called nested groups when multiple groups are created inside the main group. 

There are two types of views on organizing the assets in groups:

Tree view:

Groups and subgroups are arranged in a hierarchy. You must select the ***(Tree/Path toggle) icon in the upper right panel to switch to the tree view.

Path view:

Each path has a group in a list of group paths, and its nested subgroups are separated by forward slashes (/). Path view makes it easy to scan all the assets within subgroups. Select (Tree/Path toggle) in the upper-right corner of the libraries panel to switch to path view.

 Tree view (left) and path view (right) in libraries
tree view (left) and path view (right) in libraries

You can create groups within each asset category (Colors, Character Styles, and so on) in any of the following ways:

  • Multi-select assets, right-click, and choose New Group from the selection.
  • Right-click the asset category (Colors, Character Styles, Components, and so on), and choose Create subgroups.
  • Right-click an asset and choose New Group from the element.
  • Right-click an asset, choose, Move to, select the folder icon, select Create, and then select Move.
  • Select multiple assets, right-click, choose Move selected items to, select the folder icon, select Create, and then select Move.
Create a subgroup within a group
Multi-select assets, right-click, and create a group

Perform any of the following actions by right-clicking on the groups.

  • Create subgroup: Create multiple subgroups.
  • Move to: Move assets to another group within the asset category.
  • Rename group: Provide a custom name.
  • Ungroup: Remove the group and move the assets within it one level up.
  • Delete: Delete the group and the assets within it.

Once you create your groups and subgroups, you can drag assets to move them to those groups. Alternatively, right-click the assets, select Move to, and choose the groups to which you want to move the assets.

Using forward slashes, you can now create groups rather than just converting groups into subgroups.

You can create multiple subgroups (nested groups) at once using forward slashes (/) in the group path and organize assets easily by editing paths. 

Organize Assets by editing paths

Use forward slashes (/) to easily organize or create groups and subgroups within any asset category. You can perform the following tasks:

Create a group with nested subgroups

Create multiple subgroups (nested groups) inside a group using forward slashes (/).

You can create nested subgroups using forward slashes in:

  • Path view and Tree view of the library panel
  • Layers panel (main components only)

After you type in a group name, add a forward slash, and type in the subgroup name. You can nest as many levels as required. The two subgroups will merge if a subgroup with the same name exists at a nesting level.

Edit paths to ungroup and move assets

Using the power of path edits, perform multiple Ungroup functions at once or combine Move to and Ungroup functions.

You can edit paths in:

  • Path view of the library panel
  • Layers panel (main components only)

Double-click the path to edit it. When you remove a group or subgroup from a path, all the assets inside it move up one level.

You can remove any number of nesting levels from a path at once and move up assets to multiple levels. When you type in an existing path, all the assets move to that path.


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