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Adobe AIR is a computer program known as a runtime. It is necessary to have Adobe AIR on your computer to run certain applications. Applications that require Adobe AIR are called Adobe AIR applications.

Most Adobe AIR problems are related to having the correct version of Adobe AIR.  Before you begin troubleshooting your problem, get the latest version of Adobe AIR for your operating system. Adobe AIR is available for free.

Important: Before you begin, is your Android device supported by Adobe AIR? Check out the supported devices list.

Android Market not showing Adobe AIR.

The Android Market only shows applications that are compatible with your phone. See the mobile system requirements.

Out of memory while running an AIR application.

In Android, Adobe AIR is loaded as part of the Adobe AIR application itself and has the same privilege as the Adobe AIR application. Adobe AIR is started as a separate process only in a few cases. However, if there are multiple Adobe AIR applications running, Android can manage a shared copy of Adobe AIR for all those applications.

Android automatically shuts down selected applications  when memory is low or required by other applications that are 'visible' to the user. Therefore,  your inactive Adobe AIR applications could get closed by the operating system.

Use your device's memory management settings to clear inactive processes before running multiple Adobe AIR applications.  Do you still have problem with the Adobe AIR installation? Post your question in the Adobe AIR Installation Issues forum.




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