You can export your animation in many formats from Animate. In this tutorial, you will learn how to export your animation as an MP4 file.

What you learned: Export to a video file

  • Preview your video within Animate and see if you are happy with it.
  • Choose Export and Export to Video from the File menu. Exporting as a video is something different from a movie.
  • Check the size of the file, this should be the same as you’ve started.
  • Make sure the Convert video in Media Encoder option is enabled.
  • Browse to the correct location. This is where your video will be saved.
  • Select Export. This will render the video as a high quality file, and so a large file size.
  • The Media Encoder will start up and shows you a queue.
  • Check if the Format says H.264.
  • Hit the green arrow to start the queue.
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