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The April 2020 release of Bridge (version 10.0.4) includes a number of bug fixes. For more information, see Fixed issues.

Top new features

November 2019 release (version 10.0)

Export panel in Bridge

Asset conversion using the Export panel

Convert your assets such as videos, PDFs, or images and export as an image file format using the Export panel.

User Interface enhancements in Bridge 9.1

User Interface usability 

Learn more about the user interface enhancements introduced with this release of Bridge.

Work with transparent .psd files on Bridge

Transparency support for PSDs 
See checkerboard thumbnails and previews for transparent .PSD files.

Performance improvements

What's changed

Learn more about deprecated APIs with this release of Bridge.

See a list of fixed issues in Bridge with this release

Fixed issues

Find fixes to issues around ACR edits, animated After Effects presets, and more.

Previous releases of Bridge