The following patches are available for Adobe Captivate 8:

Adobe Captivate 8.0.3 patch

For instructions on installing this patch, see Adobe Captivate 8.0.3 update.

Issues fixed in this patch

  • When publishing web object in a SWF scalable output the object shifts to the upper left of the screen.
  • Reported an "Error initializing communication with LMS" when learner tries to click a button with Exit action while viewing an HTML5 course in Internet Explorer.
  • Comparison between a variable and a literal containing the same string fails in HTML5 output if the string contains spaces.
  • In responsive projects with random question pools, a pool question with an image or image button does not load in runtime. This issue occurs when a learner accesses the course from a webserver or LMS.
  • When using Windows Account with spaces, Captivate does not launch the Preview
  • Grouped objects move by two pixels instead of one pixel when using short cut arrow keys to move the group.
  • Hotspot not working in Internet Explorer for non-responsive HTML5 output.
  • The contents of the following dialog boxes do not load on Mac OS X 10.0 and later versions:
    • Drag and drop set correct answer, 
    • Tab order dialog, 
    • Aggregator project window

Adobe Captivate 8.0.1 patch

What's new


Support for iOS 8.0.2

Responsive projects

  • Support for drag and drop interaction.
  • Custom shapes and lines are supported. 
  • Smart Positioning is honored in between break points. View published projects seamlessly across all device sizes. 

Both responsive and non-responsive projects

  • Success/Failure/Hint Captions can be replaced with Smart Shapes. Right Click on the Caption and select “Convert to Smart-shape”. You can enable this for entire project by selecting the option in Preferences. 
  • Phone Gap integration with Captivate. Choose Publish > Publish for Devices (App) from within captivate project. 
  • Arrange options for objects are added to align panel, which can be invoked through Window menu. 

Non-responsive projects

  • EXE publish mechanism is brought back.

Other enhancements

  • Map Support included for selecting Geo Location. Users can browse through Google™ integrated maps and choose the location. 
  • Streaming video support through embed code in Webobject.
  • Swatches are integrated in color palette. 
  • User can lock or unlock the size and position of individual items within grouped objects. 
  • Visual indication added for objects with effects in timeline. fx symbol appears adjacent to object in timeline.
  • Color Category is displayed as tool tips in theme color palette. 
  • Color coding available for text objects in different views of responsive projects. We can see different color coding in text area border in properties window.
  • Published content size is displayed in Project Info panel. Users can choose Windows >project info panel to view the size. 
  • Project Captions and Closed Captions of all the views in responsive project will be exported to single word document.
  • Export to XML contains data from all the views of responsive project.
  • Shift+draw option added for drawing circle/square. It helps authors to get symmetrical view of circle while drawing objects in projects. 
  • Shift+ctrl+drag option is included for all objects enabling authors to get symmetrical view with reference to the origin. 
  • Autoscaling of interactions are supported in responsive projects. 
  • Open URL/File/Project options will copy/paste the linked file to the destination folder if the file is present in an accessible location. It will be copied automatically in the published output folder. (Note: files in next level reference url won't get copied). 

Installation instructions

Ensure that Captivate build is installed. 

  1. Open Adobe Captivate, and choose Help > Updates. The Adobe Application Manager appears.

    Opening the Adobe Application Manager
    Opening the Adobe Application Manager

  2. Ensure that the Adobe Captivate 8 Update check box under Adobe Captivate is selected.

  3. Click Update to install the patch.

    When the installation is complete, you see the message as 'Update Complete".

    Alternatively, you can download the patch from this website.

    The update complete message
    The update complete message

  4. Click Close.


After the upgrade, before launching Adobe Captivate 8.0.1, ensure that you take a backup of preferences, layouts and sample projects folder and delete them. 

Layouts folders are present at:

  • Windows: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Adobe\eLearning Assets\
  • Mac OS: /Users/<user account>/Documents/My Adobe Captivate Projects/
Sample projects folders are present at: 
  • Windows: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Adobe\eLearning Assets\SampleProjects 
  • Mac OS: /Users/<user account>/Documents/My Adobe Captivate Projects/SampleProjects


Launch Adobe Captivate, and choose Help > About Adobe Captivate. If the build number is, then the patch has been installed successfully.

Verifying the update
Verifying the update

Issues fixed in this patch


  • When a user chooses RGB values in color palette, the color preview do not reflect and resets to black. 
  • While increasing font size for text, size of text do not increase beyond the value of 100. Value beyond 100 is accepted in the properties text field, but the change is not reflected in the text. It retains 100 size always. 
  • Inserting Web object crashes on a specific network environment. For example, when a user imports automatic configuration PAC scripts in LAN settings of browser, inserting web objects crashes. 
  • Effects icon is displaced when stage zoom is greater than 100%.  
  • Custom settings for shadow are not retained. For example, when a user customizes shadow properties for any one object they are not retained for next object. 
  • Captivate 8 interactions are being downloaded into Captivate 7 interactions folder. 
  • Placing of files for Captivate 8 is not working in Adobe Bridge.  
  • Duplicated cursor icons appear for mouse object in Property Inspector after recording software simulation on MAC. 
  • Photoshop round tripping work flows do not work in Photoshop CC 2014. 
  • Movie Start Event occurrence is not consistent among SWF and HTML5. 
  • Audio does not play when user has an audio slide after random question slide. 
  • When user selects multiple objects and then selects a single object, the Timing tab disappears from the property inspector.
  • In authoring mode, user is unable to set the slide time with any value less than 1 using Property Inspector.
  • After deleting a slide or object group, a user is not allowed to reuse the instance name of objects present in it.
  • After splitting and deleting some intermediate parts of a video, system audio goes out of sync by the time duration equivalent to deleted portion of video.
  • Unable to export Video Closed Captions.
  • Two copies of videos are present when a user inserts MP4 files as event videos and publishes them to both SWF+HTML5.

Issues with Chrome version 36 (or above) 

  • HTML5 content freezes by displaying a javascript error, during launch in Chrome version 36 (or above).
  • When a user uses slide backgrounds with gradients, he is unable to see the gradient properly in the output. Appearance of gradient color differs in the output. 


  • Shadow or reflection properties are not re-drawn correctly for rest of the project objects. 
  • $ sign does not display in Publish/Preview. 
  • Position properties of image objects in master slide are not honored properly when the flimstrip image is linked from the other slide. Issue occurs with existing linked filmstrip slides.
  • Bullet alignment is not proper in responsive projects. Hierarchical Bullets do not flow down correctly in tablet and mobile breakpoint views in authoring mode. When you use bulleted list in primary view, the bullets won't appear properly in rest of the views. Some bullets will change to numbers and vice versa. 
  • Apply object position/text and text properties across all views in responsive projects. Right-click context menu has been added. This setting will re-link objects across the views.

Video demo

  • In authoring mode, unable to move the PIP video using mouse. 
  • After screen capture in authoring mode, the mouse path cannot be edited using a mouse handle. 
  • Transform options in Property inspector are not visible whenever a user uses the PIP video in slide.


  • Re-opening the upgraded project prompts to upgrade repeatedly even if the project was already upgraded.
  • CpInfoGeoLocation and cpInfoMobileOS variables do not appear in the upgraded Captivate project. 
  • Unable to export styles from the upgrade project. 


Scrolling Text interaction

  • When a user uses multiple paragraphs in the interaction, they do not reflect in IE 9/11 during preview/publish.
  • Default size of the widget is small. Whenever a user inserts this interaction in the slide, the interaction area appears very small against to its normal size. 

Accordion interaction

  • Scrollbar for the drop down is missing when the output is viewed in IE9 and IE11 browsers. 

Jeopardy interaction

  • Unable to type any text in topic of this interaction. 

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