Responsive project

  • Responsive properties (styles/layout) are lost if the user tries to save a Responsive Theme from a nonresponsive project (Themes > Save Theme and Themes > Save As). Text and shapes do not appear properly. 
  • Interactive objects and Audio/Video objects should not be excluded or moved outside from stage area in any breakpoint. If they are excluded or moved outside, you do not get the desired output. 
  • For FIB (Fill in the blanks), edit only in primary view. FIB does not appear properly if you edit in other views. 
  • Responsive projects support only HTML5 publishing. The unsupported features of HTML5 publishing also apply to Responsive projects. Apart from these issues, the following features are not supported: 
    • Importing of PowerPoint slides
    • Likert Question slide
    • Publish to mp4 (publish to YouTube)
    • Captivate gestures on video object when viewed in iPad
  • Hierarchical bullets are not supported.


  • Launching Captivate can display a firewall warning message. Error message appears as Windows Firewall blocked some features of the program. In this case, allow firewall access. 
  • Pop-up clean-up does not work when you trim or pan and zoom the video.
  • When you launch Captivate, Adobe Captivate Helper process goes into 'not responding' state in activity monitor on Mac. You can ignore this as it is harmless and does not affect the product functionality. 
  • On Windows+Chrome 36 (or above), if videos have stopped working, you need to enable the flag Disable hardware-accelerated video decode in browser settings. 
    Type chrome://flags/ in browser, search for the flag Disable hardware-accelerated video decode and click Enable.
  • On iOS 8, seek bar on event video skin does not work on iPad. 
  • Adobe Audition round tripping from Edit Audio dialog does not work for Adobe Audition CC 2014.1 (version But, user can edit audio in Adobe Audition from Adobe Captivate library.

Web object

  • Overlay TOC goes behind the web object in SWF output.
  • Effects are not supported in web object SWF file.
  • Click the web object in SWF output and click outside anywhere. Web object disappears. It happens only in IE 11 browser.
  • Frame is shown when rotating a web object and viewing it in IE 11 browser.

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