Configure Widgets and Interactions

You can configure Widgets and Interactions before inserting them into the slides. Apply different styles of Themes and customize the colors, captions, and so on, with the revamped Widgets and Interactions windows.

Configuring Widgets

  1. Click Insert > Widget
    Choose the Widget of your choice and click Open.


  2. Widget Properties window appears as shown below:

    Configuring widget properties
    Configuring widget properties

Configuring Interactions

  1. Click Interactions button on Toolbar

  2. Choose Learning Interactions menu item from the drop down menu. 

    Select Interactions window appears as shown below: 

    Selecting learning interactions
    Selecting learning interactions

  3. Choose the interaction from the list and click Insert

    Configure interaction window appears as shown below: 

    Configuring a learning interaction
    Configuring a learning interaction

  4. Click Custom to customize the interactions properties and click OK to insert the interaction in your slide. 

Widget and Interactions Properties


On the left pane of the above window, you can see various Themes that you can apply for the Widget or Interaction. Click any Theme and it applies to screen dynamically.


Click Custom and you can view various options such as Content, Header, and any other titles based on the widget or interaction type. You can apply different styles and colors to screen properties.  


Import the existing content into the widget. Only xml format files are allowed. Click View example to see the sample xml format file for your reference to create.  


Click FULL SCREEN to hide the Themes/Custom window pane to have a better pre-view of your configured content.

Go Social

To share your interactions and widgets with online communities, click f, t, and + icons to share with Facebook, twitter, and Google + respectively.