Adobe Captivate output does not play if it is published over the network with Flash video (FLV) files in it.

Also, FLV files do not play when the Adobe Captivate project containing progressive FLV is published to a network share and viewed by clicking the View Output button. You can play the FLV file in the Adobe Captivate output by mapping the network drive in Microsoft Windows Explorer.

The FLV file must contain metadata for the video player to function correctly. FLV files created with Flash Communication Server 1.5.2, FLV Exporter version 1.2, and Sorenson Squeeze 4.0 automatically contain metadata. Sorenson Squeeze 4.0 is included with the Flash Video Kit.

FLV files will not play when an Adobe Captivate project is hosted on a Windows 2003 web server.

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