Learn about how to use and work with snippets in RoboHelp.

A snippet can be a para­graph of text, a piece of code, an object such as an image, or an entire topic itself. You can single-source a snippet and reuse it across multiple topics in a project or master pages. A snippet can also contain variables and conditional text tags. When you change the contents of a snippet, it is updated across all the topics and master pages that contain it.

Create a snippet

Open a project in RoboHelp and follow these steps to create a snippet:

  1. In the Author toolbar, select Contents and open a desired topic from the Contents panel.

  2. In the Author toolbar, select Snippets. The Snippets panel opens.

  3. In the Snippets panel, click .

  4. In the New Snippet dialog box, specify the name and description of the snippet in Name and Description, respectively.

  5. Click Create. The snippet is created and can be accessed from the Snippets panel.

Insert a snippet

To insert or use a snippet in an open topic or master page:

  1. To open a topic:

    In the Author toolbar, select Contents and open a topic of your choice from the Contents panel.

    To open a master page:

    In the Author toolbar, select Master Pages and open a master page of your choice from the Master Pages panel.

  2. In the Author toolbar, select Snippets. In the Snippets panel, choose a snippet.

  3. Now drag-and-drop the selected snippet at the preferred location in the open topic or master page.

    Alternatively, press Ctrl+2. In the Snippet dialog box, you can filter snippets by typing the first few alphabets. Press the upward and downward arrow keys to navigate through the list of snippets. Press Enter to insert a snippet. 

  4. Click the Save All icon  at the left side of the standard toolbar.

Delete a snippet

To delete a snippet from a project, follow these steps:

  1. In the Author toolbar, select Snippets. The Snippets panel opens.

  2. Select the snippet that you want to delete and click Options  next to the snippet.

  3. In the Options list, select Delete.

  4. In the Confirm dialog box, click Yes.

Generate Snippets report

You can generate a Snippets report to view the details of snippets in your project. You can also customize, download, or print your report.

  1. In the Author toolbar, select Reports. The Reports panel opens.

  2. In the Reports panel that appears, select Snippets.

  3. You can customize a report using the Filters panel on the right side of the screen. To know more, see Customize a report.

  4. Click the Download icon  in the standard toolbar to instantly download the report.

  5. Click the Print icon  in the standard toolbar to print your report.