You use the CF.http ActionScript function to retrieve information from a remote HTTP server using HTTP Get and Post methods, as follows:

  • Using the Get method, you send information to the remote server directly in the URL. This method is common for a one-way transaction in which the CF.http function retrieves an object, such as the contents of a web page.
  • The Post method can pass variables to a form or CGI program, and can also create HTTP cookies.
    The most basic way to use the CF.http function is to use it with the Get method argument to retrieve a page from a specified URL. The Get method is the default for the CF.http function.
    The following server-side example retrieves file content from the specified URL:

function basicGet(url)
// Invoke with just the url argument. This is an HTTP GET.
result = CF.http(url);
return result.get("Filecontent");

The client-side example could look like the following:

#include ""
gatewayConnnection = NetServices.createGatewayConnection();
myHttp = gatewayConnnection.getService("httpFuncs", this);

// This is the server-side function invocation
url = "";

// Create the results function
function basicGet_Result()
url = "

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