Before you can use functions defined in your server-side ActionScript files, connect the Adobe SWF movie to the server-side Flash Remoting service.

Create a Flash Remoting service connection

  1. Include the necessary ActionScript classes in the first frame of the SWF movie that uses server-side ActionScript functions.
    1. Use the following command to include the NetServicesclass:

      #include ""

    2. (Optional) Use the following command to include the NetDebugclass:

      #include ""

      For more information about the NetDebug and RecordSet classes, see Using Flash Remoting.

  2. Since the Flash Remoting service serves as a broker for calls to server-side ActionScript functions, identify the Flash Remoting service URL as an argument in the NetServices.setDefaultGatewayUrlfunction. For example:


    Specify a server host name. The default port number for the Flash Remoting service is 8500.

  3. Create the gateway connection using the NetServices.createGatewayConnectionfunction; for example:

    gatewayConnection = NetServices.createGatewayConnection();

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