Getting started with CORBA


As of ColdFusion (2021 release), CORBA has been removed. You can no longer use CORBA-related features, functions, and tags.

The ColdFusion cfobject tag and CreateObject function support CORBA through the Dynamic Invocation Interface (DII). As with COM, the object's type information must be available to ColdFusion. Therefore, an IIOP-compliant Interface Repository (IR) must be running on the network, and the object's Interface Definition Language (IDL) specification must be registered in the IR. If your application uses a naming service to get references to CORBA objects, a naming service must also be running on the network.
ColdFusion loads ORB runtime libraries at startup using a connector, which does not tie ColdFusion customers to a specific ORB vendor. ColdFusion currently includes connectors for the Borland Visibroker 4.5 ORB. The source necessary to write connectors for other ORBs is available under NDA to select third-party candidates and ORB vendors. 
configuring and enabling CORBA access in ColdFusion requires several steps. For detailed instructions, see Installing ColdFusion.

Note: When you enable CORBA access in ColdFusion, one step requires you to start the Interface Repository using an IDL file. This file must contain the IDL for all the CORBA objects that you invoke in ColdFusion applications on the server.

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