The Server edition of ColdFusion ships with a bundled JRE. The directory location of this default JRE is ColdFusion Administrator > System Information (the "i" icon next to the logout button) > "JVM Details" section> Java Home.

Note: For JEE installation of ColdFusion, see the documentation of the Application server in use.


  1. Download and install a supported version of JDK. Note that ColdFusion requires the Java HotSpot Server virtual machine (jre/bin/server/jvm.dll), which is not available with the JRE download.
  2. ColdFusion stores the JVM startup parameters in a file called jvm.config. Back up this file and open it a text editor. This file has a setting called "java.home". Update this setting with a value that contains the path to your new JRE. For example, java.home=C:\\Program Files\\java\jdk1.7.0_15\\jre. The directory path to this file can be found at the following location depending on the type of your ColdFusion installation.
    • CF9 Single Server: <cf_root>\runtime\bin
    • CF9 Multiserver: <jrun_root>\bin\
    • CF10 Server: <cf_root>\cfusion\bin
  3. Restart ColdFusion for the change to take effect.

Update jvm.config from the ColdFusion Administrator

You can update the java.home setting by accessing the ColdFusion Administrator and navigating to Server Settings > Java and JVM > Java Virtual Machine Path. However, this option is available in the Single Server installation of ColdFusion 9 and Server installation of ColdFusion 10 only. It is not available in the multiserver installation of ColdFusion 9.