Welcome to ColdFusion 11, a creative progression in Adobe's efforts to help web developers build robust Internet applications.

ColdFusion 11 Downloads

The following are the download locations for ColdFusion 11:

Location Description
ColdFusion 11 - Product Downloads Download a free Developer Edition or Trial Edition of ColdFusion 11.
ColdFusion 11 - Developer Tools Download tools that help you develop ColdFusion applications quickly and efficiently.
ColdFusion 11 - Additional Server Installations Download additional tools and integrate them with ColdFusion 11 Server.

Release Highlights | What's New for ColdFusion 11

This release features enhanced security along with revamped installation options. The highpoints of this release includes various language enhancements and the support for building ColdFusion-based mobile applications.The following table lists all important help resources for ColdFusion 11:

Location Description
What's New for ColdFusion 11
A quick summary of the new and enhanced features in this release.
Installing ColdFusion 11
Go through the document before you install ColdFusion 11.
ColdFusion 11 Documentation
Your entry point to ColdFusion 11 documentation.
Getting Started with ColdFusion 11
Learn ColdFusion 11 easily and efficiently.

Known Issues

The following list contains the known issues in ColdFusion 11:

3759538 - The fonts available in the user-defined directories are not rendered by the PDFg service. The workaround for this issue is to place those fonts in the System's font directory.

3761301 - The local service manager is not added on some Linux platforms. The workaround for this issue is to replace the content of the neo-document.xml file located at <CF_INSTALL_ROOT>/cfusion/lib with the following content:

<wddxPacket version='1.0'>
		<array length='4'>
			<struct type='coldfusion.server.ConfigMap'></struct>
			<struct type='coldfusion.server.ConfigMap'></struct>
			<struct type='coldfusion.server.ConfigMap'></struct>
			<struct type='coldfusion.server.ConfigMap'>
				<var name='localhost'>
					<struct type='coldfusion.server.ConfigMap'>
						<var name='hostname'><string></string></var>
						<var name='ishttps'><boolean value='false'/></var>
						<var name='port'><number>8987.0</number></var>
						<var name='islocal'><boolean value='true'/></var>
						<var name='name'><string>localhost</string></var>
						<var name='weight'><number>2.0</number></var>
						<var name='isenabled'><boolean value='true'/></var>

3761357 - The PDFg service is slower on Linux platforms when compared to the Windows platforms.

3709024/3712885/3712909 - cfgrid - The implementation of JavaSript binding has changed with the upgrade of the ExtJS library in ColdFusion 11. As a result of this, any AJAX application (CFM code) using this feature may not work as expected. Some of the known issues are enumerated below:

  • The name parameter of cfgridcolumn is not considered for JavaScript bind.
  • ColdFusion.Grid.refresh does not work when the bind attribute used is a JavaScript bind.
  • Pagination will not work with JavaScript bind.

3705775 - The DiskPath cache property cannot be set using the cacheSetProperties function, but can be set by specifying in ehcache.xml at the application level. Also, the MaxMemoryOFFHeap cache property will no longer be part of the cache object. Instead of MaxMemoryOFFHeap, you can use MaxBytesLocalOffHeap.

3698865 - While using Report Builder (with a theme set through General > Theme), passing the report as a value to the template attribute of the <cfreport> tag does not work

3681285 - In the spreadsheetAddRows function, if the datatype parameter is not specified, the method does not fall back to the old behavior (ColdFusion 10 or earlier) for interpreting the date values, as it does for integers and strings.

3551132 - The spreadsheetGetCellValue function returns an asterisk when reading the spreadsheet cells containing vaules with custom formatting. For more information, see this POI bug.

3742227 - When using the cfpdf tag with the thumbnail action, the TIFF format will not work on Mac machines.

- The cfzip tag does not work with Amazon S3.

- If you have installed ColdFusion using the express installer and are experiencing an issue accessing the ColdFusion Administrator (after configuring the connector), copy the /CFIDE folder to the htdocs folder of Apache Server and comment out the Alias block created for CFIDE in mod_jk.conf.

- The batch files available in the cfusion/bin/connector directory may not work out of the box. The scripts are provided only for reference.

- Errors may occur when you use the cfencode utility on Ubuntu 13.10.

- On Mac OS X, the ColdFusion uninstaller does not remove the system-init startup script, if that option was selected at the time of server installation. After uninstalling the server, the script can be manually removed by deleting the /Library/StartupItems/ColdFusion11 folder.

- On Mac OS X, the ColdFusion uninstaller must be invoked with the root user account. If it is run with a non-root user account, the connector will not be unconfigured and some of the directories in /cfusion/ will not be removed. To manually remove the connector, delete /conf/mod_jk.conf and edit the Apache configuration file (httpd.conf) to delete the line containing the reference to mod_jk.conf.

- When using Hibernate, component caching with hashtable will not work as Hibernate no longer supports hashtable caching.

- Inserting Null for a primitive boolean type will throw an error in MS SQL Server. If you are using cfc for type mapping, use ormtype="numeric_boolean". If you are using hbmxml, use type="numeric_boolean".

- The ColdFusion Server Manager does not work when configured with WebSphere or WebLogic.

- Configuring the web socket proxy to a single website may throw a "Service Unavailable:503" error intermittently. As a workaround, configure it with "All Sites" or add the attribute applicationPool=" " in the applipcationHost.config file.

- Websocket proxy is not supported for Apache 2.4.* and Apache 2.2.27.

- Async chaining of operations is not working on an expression statement. As a workaround, assign the value to a temporary variable and invoke the chained function. For instance, <cfset new A().func1()> does not work, if the CFC A instantiation is async. Instead, use <cfset var temp = new A()> <cfset temp.func1()>.

- In a <cfclient> context, results from the device calls or cfquery code cannot be directly used as default values of the <cfparam> tag.

- The CSS file in a custom tag has to be included using the <cfinclude> tag instead of the <link>tag.

- The "pref" property of the contact object (applicable for various fields such as phone number and email) is not supported on Android and iOS platforms.

- When synchronous client-side CFML functions are invoked from native JavaScript code, the <cfoutput> statements are to be followed by <cfflush> for rendering <cfoutput> content. This is not required if the client-side CFML functions are invoked from the <cfclient> code.

- On Android, the media and capture functions, crashes the shell application and packaged application. However, the audio content is recorded in a file but the file object details cannot be obtained since the application has already stopped working.

- The encoding type set for the camera options object will not be effective on the Android platform.

- On Android, the cfclient.audio.play function does not work on media object directly after recording. To play the recorded media, call the cfclient.audio.release function on the media object and create the media object again and pass it to the cfclient.audio.play() function.


3753750 - ORM application event handlers that implement the interface CFIDE.orm.IEventHandler will fail with the error "CFC xxxx does not implement the interface CFIDE.orm.IEventHandler". You have to add two new functions preFlush and postFlush to your event handlers.