Please refer to the Adobe Support Plans for additional information on Adobe Technical Support's offerings. The Director Help files, Director Support Center, and the Director Online Forums provide a wealth of information on product usage and answers to common support questions. The information provided here is only applicable to the Installation Support Program.

Adobe Director Technical Support provides assistance with:

  • Usage of documented features within Director.
  • Troubleshooting unexpected behavior while using documented features.
  • General usage of interface elements.
  • Troubleshooting usage or issues with Adobe developed Xtras.
  • Troubleshooting incorrect documentation or tutorials.
  • Troubleshooting installation issues.
  • Troubleshooting crashing applications, projectors and Shockwave movies.
  • Information about other available resources, such as books, devoted sites, etc.
  • Basic Lingo usage.
  • Presales information.

Director Technical Support does not provide assistance with:

  • Usage or troubleshooting of third-party Xtras or behaviors.
  • Usage or troubleshooting of ActiveX and OLE controls.
  • Troubleshooting custom Xtra or behavior development.
  • Performance enhancements and optimization.
  • Application development and testing.
  • Extensive product training outside of how-to questions.
  • System specific peripheral compatibility.
  • Lingo development.
  • Code debugging.
  • Code review.