Unknown Publisher Error when trying to run a Director projector file


After updating Microsoft Windows XP to Service Pack 2 (SP2), you may see the following security warning when running an executable installer from your website or when attempting to run Director content published as a projector file.


Windows XP Service Pack 2 alerts users before running executables, like installers, that were downloaded from the internet. Executable files (files ending in .exe) that either install the Shockwave Player or that are created by the Director authoring tool could prompt this dialog box.

Note: Macromedia thoroughly tests the installers we provide for download and guarantee them to be virus and error-free.



Verify that you are requesting to download an installer from Macromedia's domain (http://www.macromedia.com) or from a trusted source. Then select the Run button to launch the requested application.


Your customers will see a message like this if you provide Director projector content until such content has been digitally signed. Attaching a certificate that meets Microsoft's Authenticode guidelines, commonly obtained from security vendors like VeriSign, Inc., satisfactorily establishes your identity as publisher.

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