Troubleshooting and Help

Adobe Creative Cloud for teams provides scalable products, services, and collaboration features that enhance productivity at reduced cost compared to purchasing individual software. To learn more, see Creative Cloud business plans. For information around best deals, see special offers.

Credit card payment is a commonly accepted method of payment for Creative Cloud memberships in all supported countries. Payment through PayPal is accepted in a few supported countries. See Payment options.

To know about better discounts and offerings designed for business, see Value Incentive Plan.

For subscription products (Adobe Creative Cloud, Acrobat DC), you can find your order number online under Order history. You require to sign in with your Adobe ID and password to access your order history.

For non-subscription products, your order number is included in your order confirmation email. You can also find your order number online under your Order history. Sign in with your Adobe ID and password to access your order history.

In some countries, order information is stored in a different location. If Order History indicates that you do not have any orders, click the link provided on the Order History page, and then choose View Transaction History.

If you purchased Adobe products as part of the Value Incentive Program, you can view your orders from the Reports page in the Adobe Licensing Website.

A license is committed for one year or prorated to the anniversary. Therefore, you must maintain the committed number of licenses until your anniversary date. If you have purchased your Teams membership directly from, you can remove licenses. In this case, a cancellation fee is charged. Contact Customer Support for details.

For frequently asked questions, see Creative Cloud for teams FAQ.

You can assign a product license to a user, directly from the Overview page in the Admin Console where your purchased licenses are displayed. Click the Assign Users link under the desired Creative Cloud app and add the user. Alternately, you can assign product licenses from the Products page. To assign a license, select the desired product, and click Add User.

If you are an administrator, you can perform user management tasks, such as adding and removing user accounts through the Users page in the Admin Console. These user accounts entitle the end users in your organization to Adobe products and services.

To change ownership of your Teams account, the existing contract owner (primary administrator) must transfer the rights to a secondary administrator on the account. The change contract owner option appears in the admin console only if you are the account’s current primary administrator. If you are a secondary administrator on the Teams account, and your primary administrator is unavailable to make the change, navigate to Adobe Admin Console > Support to contact us.

For more information, see Change contract owner.

Yes. Adobe recommends assigning at least one secondary administrator to the account, so your team's management and deployment needs can always be quickly taken care of.

Team administrators can edit the name of your team if you've purchased the teams plan directly from Adobe. For more information, see Console settings. The option to change team name is not available for VIP programs.

If you purchase the Teams membership on the Adobe website, you can buy more licenses anytime. Extra licenses are billed in your next billing cycle.

If you purchase licenses through a reseller, you can add licenses anytime. However, you must place an order with your reseller within 30 days from your billing anniversary date, to complete the transaction. If you don’t place your purchase order within 30 days, you can't add any more licenses, and your unpaid licenses are deactivated. All extra licenses co-terminate with your original anniversary date. For more information, see Add products and licenses.

If you can't update your credit card information, or you don't see any option to update the information, check for the following possible reasons:

  • Your browser is not compatible with the accounts page.
  • You are trying to update the credit card information on your renewal/billing date.
  • The payment was due over 30 days ago.
  • Check if payment type is Paypal/Purchase Order or VIP.
  • Check whether you are logged in as the contract owner.

You can change your payment method only from credit card to PayPal and conversely from the Plans page in the Admin Console. You can also change your billing address and so on. For details, see Update your credit card and billing information.

If you are the Contract Owner, and you have purchased the Teams membership through, you can view your past bills via the Admin Console. For details, see View past bills.

The Creative Cloud desktop app lets you download, install, and update your Creative Cloud apps. For instructions, see Download Creative Cloud desktop app.

There can be multiple reasons why the installation of your Creative Cloud app is stuck. The installers for the Creative Cloud apps may be corrupt or your device is unable to connect with the Adobe server. See Creative Cloud app installation hangs for tips and troubleshooting steps.

Permission issues occur when you have incorrect or insufficient permissions required to perform an operation or task. To resolve permission issues, see Installation error codes and solutions.

If you encounter network issues when trying to download or update a Creative Cloud app, it could be due to several reasons, such as slow Internet connection, restrictive firewalls, incorrect router setup or proxy configuration, and so on. For more information, see Fix common connectivity issues. For an overview of the various network endpoints for Adobe Creative Cloud, see Adobe Creative Cloud Network Endpoints.

Packaging/deployment issues generally occur due to various reasons, such as:

  • The installer package is corrupt.
  • The installer does not include the package to be installed.
  • Your system does not meet the minimum system requirements
  • Conflicting processes are running on your system.

For troubleshooting information, see Installation error codes and solutions.  

To know more about package creation, see Create packages

For specific settings in package creation, include the AUSST override file, custom installation paths, and so on.

Your Creative Cloud app or service is activated after Adobe servers are able to associate it with a valid user license. This verification process happens automatically in the background when you sign in. However, errors can occur if you’re unable to connect to the activation server, your license isn’t active, or you’re trying to install an app on multiple devices. For troubleshooting information, see Troubleshoot Creative Cloud activation errors.

If you receive error messages indicating that you’re still in trial mode even though you purchased a Creative Cloud subscription, see Purchased Creative Cloud apps appear as trial for resolution.

In some situations, you may not be able to sign in to your Creative Cloud apps, or get unexpectedly signed out, or require to sign in multiple times. To resolve such issues, see Creative Cloud signs you out or asks you to sign in repeatedly.

For simple solutions to common Adobe ID account sign-in issues, see Solve Adobe account sign-in issues.


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