Note: This feature is currently available only in English.

The Creative Cloud 3D Animation (Preview) service

The Creative Cloud 3D Animation (Preview) service in Photoshop lets you easily animate 3D characters. This service currently works with human 3D characters assembled in Adobe Fuse CC (Beta). You can apply a variety of poses, animations, and effects to these human characters using intuitive controls right within Photoshop. You can then integrate the character with a larger 3D scene for a variety of use-cases and even print the characters using a 3D printer. Photoshop lets you easily adjust camera angles and lighting to get just the look that you want.


The Creative Cloud 3D Animation service is enabled by default. If you're unable to use it, ensure that the Preferences > Technology Previews > Enable CC 3D Animations (Preview) setting is selected. The service is enabled immediately after you close the Preferences dialog.

Adobe Fuse (Beta) and Creative Cloud Libraries

Adobe Fuse CC (Beta) is a desktop app for creating highly customizable 3D human characters in minutes. Without any prior 3D experience, you can quickly create characters using a library of high-quality 3D content—from faces and bodies to clothing and textures with an option to customize the color, texture, and shape of over 280 attributes.

Once you've created your characters in Adobe Fuse (Beta), you can save them to Creative Cloud Libraries and bring them into the 3D workspace in Photoshop. Now, in Photoshop, you can easily apply animations, poses, and effects to the characters and ready them for compositing into larger 3D scenes.

Adobe Fuse and Creative Cloud libraries
Save your Adobe Fuse (Beta) 3D model to a Creative Cloud library

Animate the 3D character in Photoshop

To animate a character in Photoshop, you work with its properties in the 3D workspace. The following broad animation-related properties are available for tweaking in the 3D workspace:

Animate the 3D character in Photoshop
A. Body | B. Face | C. Coordinates | D. Properties menu | E. Search | F. Search options 


Set the properties of the body of your 3D character.


Set the properties of the face of your 3D character.


Set the precise numerical locations for your 3D character.

Properties menu

Customize the thumbnail size and style.


Perform a search for body actions or face expressions.

Search options

Filter the animations by category and type.

Walkthrough | 3D character animation

  1. In the Libraries panel, open the library with which you synced your character. Photoshop displays the Fuse (Beta) character under 3D assets.

  2. Double-click the character to open it.

    3D animation in Photoshop
    The 3D asset synced in from Fuse
  3. Switch to the 3D workspace if you are in some other workspace. Select Window > 3D.

  4. Select the character's skeleton in the 3D Layers panel.

    3D layers panel in Photoshop
    The character's skeleton


    You can right-click on the skeleton bone and choose to center either the character or the face in view for easier navigation.

  5. Now, in the Properties panel, choose Body.

  6. Search for an Action, such as Dance.

  7. Click a thumbnail to apply animation to the model. If necessary, adjust the parameters for the animation.


    Adjust the start and end point of animation. Specify the start point of animation in Min and the end point in Max.

    In Place

    For animations, such as running, which takes the 3D character out of focus, this setting forces the animation to stay in place.


    Switch sides of the animation.

    Arm Space

    Adjust the spread of arms.


    Adjust how slow or fast the animation should move.

    3D animation in Photoshop
    Apply an animation
  8. Now, in the Properties panel, choose Face.

  9. Search for an expression, such as Happy.

  10. Click a thumbnail to apply animation to the model. If necessary, adjust the strength of the expression as well as the eye and head positions.

    3D animation in Photoshop
    Adjust the strength of the expression


You now have a fully animated and posed character that is ready to be composited into any scene you choose.

3D animation in Photoshop
Your 3D character ready for compositing