Search for help and discover tools, hands-on tutorials, articles, and quick actions to accelerate your workflow.

The new Discover panel offers contextually relevant help and learning resources to help you level-up and take on new challenges in Photoshop.

The panel gives you recommendations based on your skills and your work. These recommendations  include tips and tutorials on how to get multi-step workflows done faster. You can also find Quick Actions, a one-click solution for Photoshop’s most used workflows, such as removing and blurring backgrounds. 

To access the new Discover panel at any time in Photoshop: 

  • Use Cmd/Ctrl + F keyboard shortcut
  • Click the Search icon () at the upper-right of the interface
  • Choose Help > Photoshop Help from the menu bar

Panel home

Photoshop discover panel
The Discover panel interface

The Discover panel home screen offers three helpful sections to orient you to key learning resources.


Suggested content at the top of the interface jump starts your learning journey. Your suggestions will become more personalized based on your search history and the content you choose to engage with.


Discover something new! Skip your search and use this section to easily find in-app tutorials, quick actions, and information about the latest Photoshop features.

Resource links:

Quick external links to useful Adobe resources to help you continue learning or expand Photoshop features with plugins.

Search experience

You can use the Discover panel search bar to access the full repository of tools, in-app tutorials, articles, and quick actions to help you build your skills.

Search offers auto-complete suggestions including suggested content, tool shortcuts, and quicklinks.

Use the back arrow to return to the previous page or select the house icon to the right to start over. 

Search results

The Search results page organizes recommended content into easily identifiable categories.


The Discover panel surfaces tools and menu items based on your search queries. When clicking on search results, a floating blue coachmark will appear to help you discover where the tools or menu items are located.


Quick actions

You can now find four automatic Quick Actions available within Photoshop's Discover panel to help you accelerate your workflow and complete complex transformations in a single click.

Simply click any action then click the Apply button  and Photoshop will quickly complete the task on your currently open document:

  • Remove background: Automatically detects and removes the background from your image
  • Blur background: Blurs the background of your image.
  • Make B/W background: Converts the background of your image to black and white while preserving the color of subjects in the foreground.
  • Enhance image: Auto-enhances your image by making adjustments to elements like brightness, sharpness, hue, or contrast.

Click the Revert button if you want to reverse the changes. You can also use the History Panel to undo or step back through any edits performed by the Quick Actions.

Quick actions

Help content (online mode only)

With an active internet connection, you can now access help and learn content directly in Photoshop. Simply click on any help content to start learning.

  • Tools and features mentioned within articles will be displayed at the top of the panel.
  • Menus and tools mentioned within articles are highlighted and display a floating blue coachmark on hover to help you discover where the tools or menu items are located.
  • Related content can also be found at the bottom of an article to help you continue learning.
quick actions

Hands-on tutorials

Photoshop features in-app tutorials that walk you through techniques and guided workflows so you can quickly complete tasks. Simply click on the hands-on tutorials to begin your step-by-step learning journey.

hands-on tutorials