Encore requests a serial number on launch

You are prompted to enter a serial number every time that you start Encore.

If the licensing for Encore CS6 is set incorrectly for Creative Cloud members, Encore can prompt for a serial number on launch. As a Creative Cloud subscriber, you do not have a serial number, and it's necessary to reassociate it with Adobe Premiere Pro CC licensing to prevent the prompt.

Note: Encore CS6 is installed as part of the Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 installation, and is not available for trial subscribers to Creative Cloud.

Reactivate Creative Cloud

Follow these steps to reactivate Encore:

  1. Close Encore CS6 and Adobe Premiere Pro.

  2. Sign out from the Creative Cloud app by going to Preferences. Click the Account tab in the General section, and click Sign Out from Creative Cloud.

  3. Launch Adobe Premiere Pro CC and choose Sign Out (user name) from the Help menu.


    The Sign Out option isn't available in all cases.

  4. Close and relaunch Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

  5. Sign back in to Adobe Premiere Pro CC with your Adobe ID. Encore CS6 can now launch without prompting for a serial number.

Use the uninstaller to remove Adobe Premiere Pro and then reinstall (Mac OS)

Uninstalling Adobe Premiere CS6 incorrectly (by dragging the folder or application to the trash rather than running the uninstaller) can cause this issue.

  1. Close Encore CS6 and Adobe Premiere Pro.
  2. Confirm that Adobe Premiere CS6 was uninstalled correctly by opening the Finder and going to
    Mac HD/Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers
  3. If the uninstaller for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is listed, double-click it and follow onscreen instructions to uninstall.

Additional information

For instructions on installing Encore CS6, see Encore CS6 not installed with Creative Cloud.

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