When you import an Adobe Photoshop (PSD) file into Adobe Encore DVD as an asset and add it to a menu, transparent areas are black.

Note: This does not happen in Encore DVD 1.5


The PSD file contains an alpha channel.


Do one of the following:

Solution 1: Drag the PSD file to a menu.

Drag the PSD file to an active menu from Windows Explorer or Finder.

Solution 2: Add the PSD file to a menu from the Library palette.

  1. In the Library palette, click Add Item.
  2. Navigate to the PSD file and click Open.
  3. With a menu active, select the PSD file in the Library palette, and then click Place.

Solution 3: Import the PSD file as a menu.

Choose File > Import As > Menu (or File > Import As Asset in Encore 1.0.1), navigate to the PSD file, and click Open.

Solution 4: Save the PSD file as a TGA or TIFF file.

In Photoshop, save the PSD file as a TGA (Targa) or TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) file, and then import it into Adobe Encore as an asset.

Additional information

Adobe Encore cannot read alpha channels in a PSD file imported as an asset.

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