Set copy-protection for replicated DVDs

Use copy-protection to limit or prevent duplication of your DVD content. Encore provides the industry-standard copy-protection schemes. To specify copy-protection settings for a project, use the Build panel. Copy-protection only works on professionally replicated discs. (See Replicating discs.)


Copy-protection options are not available for Blu‑ray discs or Flash projects.

  1. Choose Window > Build, select DVD from the Format menu, and scroll down to the Copy Protection section of the DVD Settings.

  2. Specify the copy-protection settings, and then close the Build panel and save the project:


    Restricts the number of copies that can be made of your disc. Choose No Copies Are Allowed or One Copy Is Allowed to enable Content Scrambling System (CSS) and Macrovision®.


    Encrypts the video data, and then includes decryption keys that can only be read from the original disc. Duplicated copies do not include the decryption keys, so the video remains scrambled. This method prevents playing back digital copies of protected data. The encryption keys are processed at the replication level, not by Encore.


    An analog copy-protection scheme to prevent playing back recordings made from DVD to analog video devices, such as VCRs. Macrovision-encoded data sends electronic pulses to the analog device to disrupt recording sync, thereby scrambling the recorded image.

    Note:  Using Macrovision copy-protection requires that you pay a per-disc royalty. For more information, contact your replication service.

Set region coding for replicated DVDs

To control the countries in which your DVD will play, use region coding. Each region code corresponds to a particular country or geographical region. Often, only DVD players from a specific region can recognize the code for that region. DVDs coded for any other region will not play.

You can allow all regions to play your DVD, or only a select number of them. Region coding only works consistently on replicated DVDs. Some DVD players may read region coding correctly on projects written directly to DVD‑R, while others will not. (See Replicating discs.)


The All Regions setting is used for Blu‑ray discs and Region Code options are not available for Flash output.

  1. Choose Window > Build, select DVD from the Format menu, and scroll down to the Region Codes section of the DVD Settings.

  2. All Regions is selected by default. Select Custom to deselect any number of region codes. When you close the Build panel and choose File > Save, your settings are saved with the project. The following table lists the available region codes.



    Region or country


    Canada, United States, and U.S. territories


    Japan, Europe, South Africa, and the Middle East


    Southeast Asia, East Asia, and Hong Kong SAR of China


    Australia, Mexico, Central and South America


    Russia, India, Pakistan, Africa, and North Korea






    International venues (airplanes, cruise ships, and so on)


Add ROM content to the disc

Although most projects typically contain multimedia content organized for viewing, you can use the large capacity of DVDs and Blu‑ray discs to archive content or add supplemental content, such as related PDF files or software applications. You can include additional content on a typical video disc or you can create a ROM-only disc that contains only archived content (in other words, no menus or navigation).

ROM material is only available on personal computers. Furthermore, it’s only available from the desktop, not from the video content of a disc. You can specify a folder of additional ROM content to be added to the disc when Encore builds your project.


Only the files and folders inside the folder are added to the disc, not the folder.

  1. To specify the location of the ROM content to include with the project, do one of the following:

    • Choose File > Select DVD‑ROM Folder. Navigate to the folder containing the ROM files and click OK.

    • Choose Window > Build, select DVD from the Format menu, and in the DVD‑ROM Content section, click Browse. Navigate to the folder containing the ROM files and click OK. (This setting also applies to Blu‑ray projects.)

  2. Choose File > Save to save the setting with your project.


Even though the saved setting does not appear in the Blu‑ray Settings section in the Build panel, Encore still outputs the DVD‑ROM content with the project when you build a Blu‑ray disc, folder, or image.