System requirements

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Installation instructions

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Trial software

Creative Suite 6 trials are "try and buy", allowing you to evaluate individual products or editions and then convert the installed trial to a full version. You can convert from a trial to a full version at any time by either purchasing a copy of the product or signing up for a subscription. If you purchase a copy, enter its serial number in the product screen where prompted. If you purchase a subscription, you are required to be online and to log-in with an Adobe ID to start using your full version.

License agreement

You must accept the license agreement and warranty terms to use this product. Visit for details. This product will not function without mandatory activation and registration via the Internet. Phone activation is not available. See for details.

Adobe’s single user license allows installation of a single product license on two machines (such as one work machine and one home machine) provided the software is used by the same individual and not concurrently on both machines.

Note: If you want to install the product on a third computer, you must first deactivate the software on one computer. To deactivate, choose Help > Deactivate.

Font installation

The Creative Suite 6 installer installs fonts into a default system font directory. If the installer finds older versions of these fonts in the default system font directory, it will uninstall the older versions, and save them to a new directory. Learn more at
Fonts installed with the Adobe product are also on your installer DVD. If you downloaded your software, look in the separate product content file.

Find out how to install additional fonts

Known issues

Please refer to Adobe Support for late-breaking information and known issues for all Creative Suite 6 applications.

Save for web

The Save For Web dialog box has been streamlined in CS6. As a result SWF, SVG and WBMP formats are no longer supported from this dialog box. The option to export HTML along with images has also been removed.

Alternate workflow

  • SWF is available through File > Export.
  • SVG is available through File > Save and File > Save As.
  • The HTML stub can be accessed from the browser after clicking on the preview button in the Save for Web dialog box.

Pantone Plus color libraries

CS6 includes the new Pantone Plus ® Series Color Libraries. These are the latest libraries from Pantone and have some differences from earlier Pantone libraries. This can have an impact on opening some files containing colors from older Pantone Color Libraries.

Details and recommendations:

See,  Pantone Plus FAQs.

Live Trace

There is a new tracing feature in Illustrator CS6 called Image Trace, which replaces the former Live Trace feature. There can be issues around opening Tracing objects from legacy files (CS5 and below).


For best results, expand your traced art before opening the file in CS6.

Third-party Plugins

Major architectural improvements have been made in Illustrator CS6. As a result, only plugins specifically created for CS6 are compatible with this version of Illustrator.


Contact your plugin provider for updated versions of the plugin. If Illustrator freezes or crashes frequently, scan the Illustrator plug in folder and remove them.

Wacom Inkling

Make sure you have installed the latest CS6 compatible drivers and plug-ins from Wacom. Adobe Illustrator CS6 crashes on launch if Wacom Inkling software/plugin is installed. This happens due to the incompatibly of older plugins with Illustrator CS6.


Delete wacexportfile.aip file from the Adobe Illustrator CS6 plugin folder, to start Illustrator successfully.

GB18030 support for Windows XP

In order to support the display of all characters of the Chinese standard GB18030 on Windows XP systems, Adobe recommends the installation of the Microsoft GB18030 Support Package. This support package will update an XP system with, among other things, fonts and input-method-editors (IMEs) to correctly support GB18030. The support package is available as a download from the Microsoft website. (#BG061690)

SetNewUIfont and ClearNewUIfont for GB18030-2005 standard support  

On Microsoft® Windows® XP, set the registry to enable 4-byte GB18030-2005 characters in the UI by running the registry script file " EnableGB18030.reg". This will only affect UI in Illustrator and not your OS. The registry script is an optional procedure and doesn’t need to be run unless there is a need to display 4-byte characters in the UI.

Note: This workaround will not work for the dialogs managed by the operating system (i.e. Open, Save...etc).


To set the UI font to enable 4-byte GB18030-2005 characters:

  1. Make sure the Adobe Illustrator application is not currently running.
  2. Copy the file “EnableGB18030.reg” to your desktop. This file may be found on either the CS6.0 Content DVD or the ILST_Illustrator_16_LS3 as part of an electronic software download package. Locate it in the 简体中文 > 实用组件 > 可选扩展 > GB18030 folder.
  3. Double click the “EnableGB18030.reg” to set the UI font for Illustrator.
  4. Launch Illustrator again, the UI should be enabled to view 4-byte GB18030-2000 characters in all dialogs managed by Illustrator.

To revert the UI font to original settings:

  1. Make sure that Adobe Illustrator application is not currently running.
  2. Copy the file “DisableGB18030.reg” to your desktop.  This file may be found on either the CS6.0 Content DVD or the ILST_Illustrator_16_LS3 as part of an electronic software download package. Locate it in the 简体中文 > 实用组件 > 可选扩展 > GB18030 folder.
  3. Double-click the “DisableGB18030.reg” to clear the new UI font for Illustrator.
  4. Launch Illustrator again, the UI should be reset to Illustrator standard UI font.

NOTE: The registry script is created to display GB18030 standard 4-byte characters in Illustrator UI, and should be run on native Simplified Chinese Win XP.

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