Create a Custom New Document Profile (Illustrator CS3)

To create a custom New Document Profile

To create a custom document profile in Illustrator CS3:

  1. Open the New Document Profile file you want to customize in the New Document Profiles folder located in the below directories.
    • Windows: Documents and Settings\(User)\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS3 Settings.
    • Mac OS: Users\(User)\Library\Application Support\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS3
  2. Delete any existing swatches, graphic styles, brushes, or symbols you dont want to retain.
  3. Do any of the following:
    • Create any colors, patterns, and gradients you want, and save them as swatches. You can also import swatches using the Swatch Libraries command and then move the swatches you want in the Document Profile file into the default Swatches panel.
    • Save any graph designs that you want available in your files using the Graph Design dialog box.

    • Create any graphic styles you want and save them to the Graphic Styles panel.
    • Create any brushes you want and save them to the Brushes panel.
    • Create any symbols you want and save them to the Symbols panel.
    • Select the options you want as default settings from the following: View preferences (from the View menu), ruler origins, page origins, print settings (in the Print dialog box, File > Print), and actions.
  4. Save the Document Profile file and restart Illustrator.
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