What's new in Illustrator

Learn what's new in the latest release of Illustrator.

Illustrator on the iPad

May 2021 release (version 1.3)

Advanced export controls

Set the resolution, quality, range of artboard, and much more when exporting your artwork. 

Enhanced Blob brush

Draw smooth and organic paths using the Taper feature within Blob brush.

Transparency grid view 

View and edit objects and shapes in a transparent background.

Support for template file format

Work with predefined content by importing the Adobe Illustrator template format.

Illustrator on the desktop

February 2021 release (version 25.2)

Invite to edit

Share access and edit cloud documents

Invite your team members to seamlessly collaborate and edit your cloud documents. Cloud documents shared with you can be accessed directly in Illustrator.

Snap to glyph

Snap to Japanese glyph

Use the new Japanese-specific snapping guides to snap your artwork components precisely with the Japanese glyph.

System compatibility report

System compatibility report on launch

A System Compatibility Report dialog is displayed on launching Illustrator to notify you about system incompatibilities.

Stability and performance

Stability and performance

Experience better product stability and performance as we fixed many issues in this release that you reported to us. 

Previous releases

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