Manage apps and services with the Creative Cloud desktop app

Download apps, share files, find fonts and Adobe Stock assets, set preferences, and more — all from the Creative Cloud desktop app. It installs automatically when you install your first Creative Cloud app.

What you can do with the Creative Cloud desktop app

Download and install icon

Download and install 
Download, install, and update your apps through the Apps tab. See Download and install your Creative Cloud apps

Organize and sync files

Organize and sync files  
Organize and share your Creative Cloud Libraries and cloud documents through the Files tab. And sync your Creative Cloud files to the cloud. 

Beta apps

Try beta apps
Be a part of our Creative Cloud beta program to test apps and share your feedback on apps directly with us.

Develop your skills
Get started with Resource links > Tutorials. Find lessons, track your progress, and revisit completed courses.

Fonts icon

Add fonts
Choose fonts from hundreds of type foundries in Adobe Fonts. Or, upload your fonts and use them in Creative Cloud apps. 

Browse Stock and Marketplace tab

Browse Adobe Stock images and discover plugins
Browse millions of Stock images, and discover plugins to improve the workflows of your Creative Cloud apps.

Set preferences in the Creative Cloud desktop app

Set preferences 
Change the install language, launch settings, auto-update optionsnotifications, and more.

Share and discover icon

Share & discover  
Explore the latest creative work from around the world. Or share your own portfolio. See Behance Helpcenter.

Features vary by region and version  Depending on your region and the version you have installed, some features may not be available in your installation of the Creative Cloud desktop app.


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