File Info dialog is slow to open, freezes, or cannot display raw metadata


When you access File > File Info for certain files in Photoshop, you observe one or more of the following issue symptoms: 

  • The File Info dialog is slow to open or freezes.
  • Photoshop displays a warning 'Cannot Display Raw Metadata, Contents Too Large'.
  • Raw Data has excessive number of entries of 'photoshop:DocumentAncestors'.

When saving a file or saving updates to a smart object, the process gets stuck at 99%

  • Photoshop does not respond in the task manager and force quitting Photoshop gives the error: Task could not get completed. Permission denied”

Operating systems

Windows and macOS


This issue is caused by the 'photoshop:DocumentAncestors' entries in your file metadata.


This user-submitted script has been provided as-is by Adobe and not extensively tested. Use at your own risk.

Source: by iamwickedtall.

To fix this issue, use the script provided below to remove the excessive 'photoshop:DocumentAncestors' XMP entries.

  1. Download the file below and unzip it.


  2. With the problematic file or smart object open to edit in Photoshop, drag-and-drop the removePhotoshopDocumentAncestors.jsx file script on the open document.

  3. Save your file or smart object.

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