No preview available while using GPU

When you try to enhance your photos using Adjust Facial Features after enabling Use Graphics Processor For Adjusting Facial Features option in the Preferences, one of the following issues occur:

  • The preview of the features after adjusting the sliders is unavailable.
  • Graphic card is not detected. As a result, Photoshop Elements switches to CPU.


This issue might occur due to the graphics card of your system. Follow these steps to update the graphic card drivers to resolve this issue:

  1. Follow one of the following workflows:

    • For Windows: Go to Control Panel > Device Manager > Display Adapter.
    • For Mac: Go to Apple Menu > About This Mac > Display.
  2. Check the name of your graphics card.
  3. Install the latest driver for your graphic card from the graphics card manufacturer's website.

Face detection fails while Adjusting Facial Features

When you use Adjust Facial Features option in Photoshop Elements 15 on Windows, it does not detect faces in the photo. A warning message stating “There is no face detected” appears on the screen. 


This issue occurs if the installation path includes double-byte characters. To resolve this issue, install Photoshop Elements or Adobe Premiere Elements on a custom path with no double-byte characters in it.