Issue: Attempting to use Photomerge Panorama causes Photoshop Elements 14 to crash

Sometimes, when you open Photomerge Panorama in Photoshop Elements or from Elements Organizer, the feature does not work as expected. Errors include:

  • Opening the Photomerge Panorama feature from Elements Organizer causes the Panorama panel to appear blank.
  • On clicking Create Panorama, error 8800 occurs.
  • Photoshop Elements crashes.


Try one of these workarounds:

Workaround I: Delete preferences


  • In Photoshop Elements, click Photoshop Elements Editor > Preferences, click Reset Preferences on next launch button, and then relaunch the application.


  • In Photoshop Elements Editor, click Edit > Preferences > General, click Reset Preferences on next launch, and then relaunch the application.

Workaround II: Switch views

  • Switch to Expert view, return to Guided room, and then choose Photomerge Panorama from the Photomerge tab.

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