Unable to sign in to Photoshop Elements 12, 13

If you are unable to launch Photoshop Elements 12, 13 inspite of signing in with valid credentials, try one of the solutions outlined in this article.

Rename SLCache and SLStore folders

  1. Rename the SLCache folder present at the following location:
    Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe
    Mac: System Library/Application Support/Adobe

  2. Rename SLStore folder present at following location:
    Windows: C:\ProgramData\Adobe
    Mac: System Library/Application Support/Adobe

Try logging in again.

Check LAN proxy settings for your default web browser

If selected, clear the Use a proxy server for your LAN option for your browser.

For Internet Explorer:

  1. Click Tools > Internet Options.

  2. Click LAN settings on the Connections tab.

  3. If selected, clear the Use a proxy server for your LAN option.

Try logging in again.

Switch to the Hidden Administrator user account (Windows only)

  1. Enable the (Hidden) Administrator account on your computer. See Administrator account for more information.

  2. Sign out of your current user account and log in as the Administrator.

  3. Launch Photoshop Elements Editor and log in from the sign-in screen, using your Adobe ID.

  4. If the editor launches successfully, disable the (Hidden) Administrator account you created in Step 1. See Administrator account for more information on disabling an account.

Uninstall software that might hamper network communication

Look for software on your computer that could hamper network communication, and uninstall it.

For example, uninstalling BrowserSafeGuard software fixes the issue, for some users.

Create a new Adobe ID

If none of the solutions work, create a new Adobe ID and login with your new credentials.

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