Adobe Playpanel release notes

Where can I download Adobe Playpanel from?

Download Playpanel for your Windows desktop from the Playpanel product page.

Sign in

You can use your Facebook ID or Adobe ID (email address) to log in to Adobe Playpanel. Sign in to My Adobe to see your account information. For any issues while signing in with your Adobe ID and password, see Adobe ID, sign-in, and account help.

Product information

To learn more about Adobe Playpanel features, visit the Playpanel product page.

What's new in Playpanel 3.0

  • An interactive message bar to rate and review games as you play them.
  • Related games panel to access games similar to the ones you like.
  • Bug fixes.

What's new in Playpanel 2.0

  • Bug fixes.

Help and support for using Playpanel

Help for Adobe Playpanel is available on the FAQ page.

If you are a game publisher and want your game to be featured on Playpanel, contact us.




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