To copy specific images or snapshots of page areas, see Copy content from PDFs.

I can’t see images in a PDF

  1. Open the Preferences dialog and select the Page Display category.

  2. In the Page Content and Information section, select Show Large Images.


If you deselect the option above, Reader displays large image files as gray boxes, speeding up display and scrolling.

Move or rotate 3D models

The 3D toolbar is displayed when you click a 3D model. You can also right-click the 3D model and choose Tools to view all the 3D navigation tools that are available in Reader DC.

Analyze objects, measurements, or geospatial location

Acrobat Reader DC provides analysis options that let you view metadata for certain objects, measure them, or interact with geospatial data. 

For more information, see the following topics in Acrobat Help:

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