Images unexpectedly cropped

Images cropped unexpectedly in Lightroom Classic

When you open your raw files from the Canon 5D Mark III, the Fujifilm X-E1, and some Olympus cameras in Lightroom Classic, the image is cropped.


This issue occurs with some cameras that were released and supported in versions earlier than Camera Raw 7.2 and Lightroom (Classic) 4.2. For cameras that support was added after Camera Raw 7.2 and Lightroom (Classic) 4.2, it's unnecessary to use the DNG Recover Edges plug-in.

Download & install the DNG Recover Edge plug-in

  1. Download the plug-in and release notes


  2. Double-click the .zip file and extract the DNGRecoverEdges.lrplugin file to a location of your choice

  3. Launch Lightroom Classic and select  File > Plug-in Manager

  4. Click Add, select DNGRecoverEdges 2.lrplugin from step 2, and then click Add Plug-in

  5. Click Done to close the Plug-in Manager

Adobe DNG Recover Edge plug-in is now installed.

Using the DNG Recover Edge plug-in

To use the plug-in, do the following:

1. Convert your raw images to DNG:

  •  When importing your raw images, use the Copy as DNG option in the Import dialog box. You can embed your original raw image into the DNG by choosing Edit > Preferences > File Handling (Windows) or Lightroom Classic > Preferences > File Handling (macOS) and selecting Embed Original Raw File in the Import DNG Creation section.


  •  If you've already imported your raw image, choose Library > Convert To DNG. Choose to embed your raw image into the DNG if desired.

2. In the Library module, select your image and choose File > Plug-in Extras.

3. Click Apply under the DNG Recover Edges plug-in, and click OK.

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