Adobe RoboHelp 7 ReadMe

This file includes last-minute notes, changes and known problems in Adobe RoboHelp 7.

The Getting Started Guide can point you to additional sources of technical information through the Adobe Systems Incorporated home page on the World Wide Web. You can also keep up-to-date with new RoboHelp developments through the RoboHelp home page at

For information about Adobe FrameMaker technical support options and online resources available, visit

Changes and Known Issues

Issue Number Title and description
1584470 HTTP publishing corrupts Unicode Folder name on publishing
1581113 Installing RH Office on Unicode path fails to register RHActiveX and RHComAdd dlls

  1. All the .CHM and .HLP helps will not launch because their viewers don't support Unicode.
  2. Import of HDF files fails in XML handler manager because Internet Explorer doesn't not open XML from Unicode path
1579862 Bug Hunter not working on Windows Vista.

Workaround: By running RoboHelp as Administrator we can run Bug hunter on Vista.
1576161 Search functionality is not working in Java Help system when Unicode characters are present in Topic Name/Content.
1572937 Search not working for Unicode (Hiragana) characters on RoboHelp for HTML (RHT)
1556376 Expanding and dropdown hotspots are not working when applied using Snippets.
1552458 RoboScreenCapture is not launched and a blank image inserted if an image having Unicode characters is created using Insert Screen Capture:
1550654 Server publishing fails on putting numeric IPv6 address of RoboHelp server on XP and Windows 2000
1513048 Single HTML File option not present in RoboHelp 7
1511213 Inserted Captivate demo with Unicode characters in project file name not getting displayed on RHT
1511211 Newly created Captivate demo with Unicode characters in project file name not getting displayed on RHT.
1502467 Registering CHM files doesnt happen in Vista. Registration will happen if RoboHelp for HTML is run as administrator in Vista.
1411097 PDF Creation Add-On will not install if Acrobat 7/8 Standard/Professional version is already installed on your system. If Acrobat version 6 is installed then it will be silently overridden by PDF Creation Add-On.
1530716 Junk characters appear for Unicode characters on the console when generating the output through command line compilation. Further, no message is thrown acknowledging the same.
1582508 If you try to import a FrameMaker file with conditions applied across paragraph boundary, please make sure that FrameMaker is installed on the same machine otherwise contents of files will not be shown properly e.g. lists will not be maintained as lists.
1538561 If the absolute image path [including the project path] contains some unsupported characters, an error message will be thrown for 'Edit with RoboScreenCapture'. For simple 'Edit' a warning message will be shown.
Issues from RH 6 Release
1431933 Acrobat 7 or 8 is custom installed without PDFMakers

The Generate Adobe PDF check box on Printed Documentation SSL will be disabled because RoboHelp 7 depends on PDFMakers for Adobe PDF generation. If you have installed Acrobat 7 or higher, RoboHelp 7 will not install Acrobat Elements 7, which includes PDFMakers.
1336440 Junk character appears in the tabs label of the generated HTML help

If a specified window has tab position set to left while generating HTML help (.chm), the "&" character precedes the caption name in all tabs of the generated CHM. You must use Top or Bottom as tab position while creating a new window for HTML Help Projects.
1429037 Indentation is not maintained properly in a list in Word document after importing it to RHTML

If a Microsoft Word document has lists with customized indentation and you import it into RoboHelp HTML, the indentation will be changed to default spacing (36 points). However, you can manipulate the spacing in the style sheet after importing the Word file into RoboHelp HTML.
1412063 Cannot checkout a file/topic from RoboHTML if property "Checkout Comment required " is set for that file/topic

If you want comment functionality during checkout/checkin of a file or topic, set following options explicitly:
  1. Go to Tools->Options->Version Control.
  2. Select the following check boxes:
    • Display confirmation dialog when performing version control tasks manually
    • Display confirmation dialog when editing topics that are not checked out
    • Display confirmation dialog when editing files that are not checked out
1412366/1429876 Limitations of "Mark of The Web"

  1. DHTML effects applied through style sheets do not work.
  2. Hyperlinks to multimedia files and Java Applets do not work.
  3. When merging projects, all sub projects should have same "Mark of The Web" settings as the master project.
  4. On Win2K contents, the index and glossary tab is not displayed if the output path does not contain any space. For example, It will work for the output paths: "C:\My Help Files" and "C:\MyHelpFiles".
1338237 Cannot publish WebHelp/FlashHelp through HTTP

To publish projects to an IIS HTTP server other than RoboHelp Server, the HTTP server root folder must contain the /scripts/cpshost.dll file. A Windows system does not contain this file, by default. You can download the file from the Microsoft web site.
1388087 128-bit RC4 compatible Security settings are shown for a 1.3 version PDF

If you choose PDF settings for version 1.3, the Security Settings show 128 bit encryption instead of 40-bit encryption.
1414871 Help button in Web Admin works only from RoboHelp

The Help button in the Web Admin page of RoboHelp Server works when you click the RoboHelp Server tab of RoboHelp. The same Web Admin page does not function when it is accessed through a browser.
1424540 RoboSource Control Server Database Configuration Manager options for entries

The following information is required to create a RoboSource Control 3 database:
  1. The name given to the connection you are creating
  2. The database instance name is the SQL Server name or MSDE instance; typically, '(local)' OR '(local)\SQLExpress'
  3. The name of the database (by default this is the connection name)
  4. Typical Connection Strings look like the following:

    Server=.\SQLEXPRESS;Integrated Security=True;Database=DIARY


    Server=PETER\SQLEXPRESS;UserID=peter;password=xyzabc;Database=DIARY;Persist Security Info=True
For more information about these options, read the following:
1397378 Unable to connect to database server from RoboSource Control Server Configurator on Win2K

The .Net Data provider requires MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) version 2.6 or later. User can download MDAC from

If you have uninstalled RoboSource Control 1 without removing the database and have already installed RoboSource Control 3, you can still install RoboSource Control 1 and migrate your data to RoboSource Control 3 by using the RoboSource Convert Wizard. To access the wizard, click Start -> Programs -> RoboSource Control 3 -> RoboSource convert Wizard.

Resolved Issues

These are some critical problems and issues that were known to occur in RoboHelp 6 or earlier and have been resolved in release 7.

Issue Number Title and description
0994640 When you Ignore a word when spell checking the TOC, index, or glossary, it doesn't get ignored the next time you spell check
0995018 Text added to a Field in WYS is removed when topic is reloaded
0995350 No help from Starter, XP SP2 popup blocker

1298102 Change in spelling of a Glossary Hotspot word using the spell checker makes it lose the Glossary Hotspot functionality
1336465 RHTML crashes when a local user is logged in and a .mif file is imported
1336476 Numbered and Bulleted list present in a .mif file after importing do not convert into html lists.
1349565 RHTML crashes when provided 256 or more character input to "Link To" field in Image Map dialog.
1444648 Can not add User defined Variable to an X5 version controlled project opened in RHTML from Version Control
1502737 RHTML crashes when CBT is applied to contents of merged cells of a table and the project is generated.
1540289 Renaming the folder and adding a topic to it crashes the RHTML resulting in complete loss of the topics/folders present in the folder (even if it is a saved project).
1555486 Captivate movie with borders imports with errors
1557698/2 PolyLine / Arc vector graphics and Text Line in an anchored frame is lost on importing MIF in RHTML
1572071, 1546640 Text Line/ Text Frame in an anchored frame is lost on importing MIF in RHTML
1568706 Topics are not getting displayed /opened in FlashHelp System being viewed on Safari browser on MAC OS.

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