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Fixed issues in RoboHelp 2020

  1. RoboHelp User Guide
  2. Introduction
    1. Get to know RoboHelp workspace
    2. What's new in RoboHelp 2022 release
      1. What's new in Update 4
      2. What's new in Update 3
      3. What's new in Update 2
      4. What's new in Update 1
    3. Fixed Issues in RoboHelp
    4. RoboHelp System Requirements
    5. Download RoboHelp on Windows and macOS
    6. Download and install Adobe app
    7. RoboHelp FAQs
    8. What's new in RoboHelp 2020 release
      1. What's new in Update 8
      2. What's new in Update 7
      3. What's new in Update 6
      4. What's new in Update 5
      5. What's new in Update 4
      6. What's new in Update 3
      7. What's new in Update 2
      8. What's new in Update 1
  3. Projects
    1. Plan your RoboHelp project
    2. Create a project
    3. Manage projects
    4. Work with topics and folders
    5. Generate reports
    6. Work with context-sensitive help
    7. Manage References
    8. Set preferences in RoboHelp
  4. Collaborate with authors
    1. Collaborate using Git
    2. Collaborate using SharePoint Online
    3. Collaborate using Azure DevOps (Team Foundation Server)
  5. PDF Layout
    1. PDF templates
    2. Design a page layout
    3. Publish PDF output
    4. Work with the common content styles
    5. Components of a PDF template
    6. Support for language variables
    7. Customize PDFs
  6. Editing and formatting
    1. Format your content
    2. Create and manage cross-references
    3. Create and manage links
    4. Single-source with snippets
    5. Work with images and multimedia
    6. Create and use variables for easy updates
    7. Work with Variable Sets
    8. Use Find and Replace
    9. Auto save your content
    10. Side-by-side editing in Split View
    11. Use the Spell Check feature
    12. Create and Edit Bookmarks
    13. Insert and update fields
    14. Switch between multiple views
    15. Autonumbering in CSS
  7. Import and linking
    1. Import Markdown files into a project
    2. Import Word documents into a project
    3. Import FrameMaker documents into a project
  8. TOCs, indexes, glossaries, and citations
    1. Create and manage a Table of Contents
    2. Create and manage an index
    3. Create and manage a glossary
    4. Create and manage citations
    5. Create and manage browse sequences
    6. Work with See Also and Related Topics
  9. Conditional content
    1. What is conditional content
    2. Create and apply condition tags
    3. Configure output presets for conditional content
    4. Optimize and manage conditional content
  10. Microcontent
    1. Microcontent
  11. Review and Collaboration
    1. Review and Collaboration
  12. Translation
    1. Translating content to multiple languages
    2. Configure a translation framework for a service provider
  13. Generating output
    1. Generate output
    2. Generate Frameless output
    3. Generate Knowledge Base output
    4. Generate PDF output
    5. Generate Responsive HTML5 output
    6. Generate Word Document output
    7. Generate Content Only output
    8. Generate eBook output
    9. Generate Microsoft HTML Help output
    10. Generate Mobile App output
  14. Publish output
    1. Publish to a RoboHelp Server
    2. Publish to an FTP server, a Secure FTP server, or a File System
    3. Publish to SharePoint Online
    4. Publish to Zendesk Help Center
    5. Publish to Salesforce Knowledge Base
    6. Publish to ServiceNow Knowledge Base
    7. Publish to Zoho Knowledge Base
    8. Publish to Adobe Experience Manager
    9. Publish to Atlassian Confluence Knowledge Base
  15. Appendix
    1. Adobe RoboHelp Scripting Reference
    2. RoboHelp keyboard shortcuts

Master pages used in the PDF or Word output template have been renamed as Page Layout.

Master pages used for topic templates or for online outputs have been renamed as Topic Layouts.

For more information, see Templates in Adobe RoboHelp.

The following is a list of feature enhancements and issues resolved in RoboHelp and subsequent patch releases.

Check the RoboHelp forum for solutions, workarounds, or any late-breaking information.

Update 8 of RoboHelp Summer Release 2020 includes enhancements and bug fixes specific to PDF output, HTML5 output, search function, Single Sign On (SSO) for publishing profiles and security fixes.

For more information, see the below fixed issues in this release. 


  • When downloading any report, columns are displayed based on the selection made, but data in the columns overlap to the next column in row. (Bug ID: 10613)


  • Numbering restart does not work for a single topic PDF when autonumbering is applied to any paragraph. The number sequence continues from the previous list. (Bug ID: 10509)
  • Calling Context Sensitive Help (CSH) in a responsive HTML5 output opens the help topic in a new window, and a delay is observed in displaying the relevant help content. (Bug ID: 10627)


  • Single Sign On (SSO) for publishing profiles results in a blank screen if a second instance of RoboHelp 2020 is launched. In such cases, the SSO fails for all subsequent instances. (Bug ID:10669)


  • If you enter a search term in any non-English merged project, no results appear for the searched term. The search function fails for Responsive HTML5 output only. (Bug ID: 10573)
  • Contents panel search field queries using special characters such as “;” and “)” displays an “Application Error” message in the Author view. (Bug ID: 10700)
  • In an output, if a topic contains dropdowns including the search phrase, dropdown titles disappear when you collapse or expand them. When the topic is displayed, it combines information from different sections under missing or incorrect topic titles. (Bug ID: 9973, 10602)


  • There are a few intermittent performance issues where RoboHelp behaves unexpectedly. When you click the Options or the File menu, nothing happens. (Bug ID: 10802)


  • A potential security issue is identified where the Responsive HTML5 output generated using RoboHelp 2020 is vulnerable to inline script injection. (Bug ID: 10181)
  • An XSS vulnerability that could potentially lead to injection of malicious scripts and compromise confidential data. (Bug ID: 10674)

Starting with Update 7, Adobe RoboHelp 2020 is tested and certified on the latest Windows 11 operating system. All functionalities of RoboHelp Update 7 will work seamlessly with Windows 11 and Windows 10 as well. Update 6 and earlier releases of RoboHelp 2020 release will continue to work on Windows 10.

Update 7 of RoboHelp Summer Release 2020 includes enhancements and bug fixes specific to Word output, CHM output, list editor, search function, XLIFF across translation tools, CSS styles, and much more. 

For more information, see the below fixed issues in this release. 


  • When any additional space between text is removed, it gets saved as a non-breaking space (&nbsp). This non-breaking space causes unnecessary line breaks in the output, interrupting the workflow. (Bug ID: 10124)
  • When adding a glossary term, if there is any hyperlink existing with the same glossary term name, then the hyperlink is removed, and the phrase gets converted to a glossary term. (Bug ID: 10170)
  • When a project is upgraded/imported from RoboHelp Classic (2019 release) to RoboHelp 2020, formatting styles applied to nested tables are lost. (Bug ID: 10159)
  • When applying the Advanced Formatting option to list styles, it does not apply to previous levels of number formatting (such as 1.1) unless all levels are re-enabled. (Bug ID: 10309). Unchecking the Advanced Formatting option in Update 7, removes Number/Bullet Format, Indent, Prefix Width, Spacing, and any applied style across all levels, reverting to the default.


  • Using the print icon in a Frameless output, displays a print preview with inconsistent CSS styles and blank pages. (Bug ID:10027, 10041)


  • Topics with the “See Also” data have missing captions for the related information in the generated XLIFF files. (Bug ID: 10197) 
  • During manual translation, language servers processing the generated
    XLIFF files report errors. (Bug ID: 10205)
  • Empty tags, such as <br>, <img>, <link>, gets removed during XLIFF file generation process. This led to formatting loss during translation. (Bug ID: 10292)


  • The generated PDF output of a TOC book contains missing chapter titles and page numbers for root level topics. (Bug ID: 10272)
  • Although a PDF/Word output preset is set to Include Expanding Text content, glossary terms appear without the expanded definition. (Bug ID: 10283)
  • CSS styles applied to table cells are not correctly rendered in Word output, despite being visible in Author/Preview mode. (Bug ID: 10295)
  • Styles applied to inline and nested block level <p> tags are not getting applied in Word output. (Bug ID: 10296)
  • The Numbering format appears incorrectly for nested level bulleted and numbered list styles in Word output. (Bug ID: 10297)
  • Any project that contains straight quotes in the heading and title sections does not generate Word output. (Bug ID: 10339)
  • Any space that exists between two consecutive spans within a block element <p> appears in Word output without a space for the span text. (Bug ID: 10349)
  • In a responsive output, the ShowTopicInContext label is a mouse-clickable link only. This makes it inaccessible via the keyboard, failing to utilize the accessibility support. (Bug ID: 9408)
  • Search terms enclosed within quotes yields no result in a merged output. This happens even if the search term had an exact match. (Bug ID: 10143)
  • When multiple topics are selected, the map numbers assigned for calling context-sensitive help gets duplicated. (Bug ID: 10246)
  • Bookmarks in a browse sequence are skipped during browse sequence navigation. Clicking previous or next buttons does not navigate to the bookmarks present in a topic. (Bug ID: 10148)
  • Access to online context-sensitive help redirects to the first help page, which then loads the TOC before proceeding to the actual help topic. (Bug ID: 9980)

This note is only specific for customers using RoboHelp and FrameMaker for their technical communication workflows.

The Update 6 of RoboHelp Summer 2020 release is only compatible with Update 3 of FrameMaker Summer 2020 release and above.

For a seamless experience on Update 6 of RoboHelp 2020, you must upgrade to Update 3 of FrameMaker 2020. Do not upgrade to Update 6 of RoboHelp 2020 if you are on any version prior to Update 3 of FrameMaker 2020, to avoid any compatibility issues in certain workflows.

Adobe RoboHelp (2020 release) Update 6 contains Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as a new Knowledge Base output preset, option to add separate headers and footers in a Word output, a new script to convert hyperlinks into cross-references, option for static header and footer in a Frameless output, a Glossary hotspot tool, search enhancements, CSS list editor enhancements, and bug fixes.

For more information, see What's new in RoboHelp (2020 release) Update 6.


  • If you insert a large image in a topic and do not nodify the size via Settings, the image resizes in a Word output to fit the page. (Bug ID: 9333)
  • RoboHelp includes a file in a project, which is is open in FrameMaker, but not linked. (Bug ID: 9316)
  • All table styles from a FrameMaker book are listed. (Bug ID: 9790)
  • Place the cursor automatically in Embed HTML text area. (Bug ID: 9784)
  • Simplify multi-level list or autonumber editing. (Bug ID: 9511)
  • Restart numbering not working properly for autonumber. The subsequent numbering does not increment. (Bug ID: 9466) 
  • Creating consecutive lists with different classes get merged. (Bug ID: 9235) 
  • Find and Replace settings are not preserved across sessions. (Bug ID: 9190) 
  • Applying p class from the Styles panel does not remove the existing class. (Bug ID: 9368) 
  • Selecting a paragraph using double click and then deleting using backspace changes the style of the preceding paragraph. (Bug ID: 8002) 
  • Manipulating text/hyperlinks while using Find (Ctrl + F) throws an application error. (Bug ID: 9464) 
  • Duplicate name pattern for TOC should be “–copy” instead of “Copy of “ (Bug ID: 8500) 
  • The cursor is not automatically placed in the Embed HTML text area. (Bug ID: 9784) 
  • Source & Alternate text are not appearing for the images in a table. (Bug ID: 9771) 
  • Unable to hover over image file to see the file path in the insert image dialog. (Bug ID: 9770) 
  • RoboHelp has an unexpected error when editing many topics. (Bug ID: 9633) 
  • Support for updating and creating topics for a chapter of FrameMaker book like in classic is missing. (Bug ID: 9565) 
  • Image names are changed when FrameMaker files are converted to HTML. (Bug ID: 9508) 
  • Mapping h1 in FrameMaker document to h1 tag in HTML maps to heading1 class. (Bug ID: 9503) 
  • Cross-References from FrameMaker resulting in incorrect Hyperlinks. (Bug ID: 9483) 
  • Context-Sensitive Help settings not being correctly imported from FrameMaker. (Bug ID: 9577) 
  • For FrameMaker import, styles from only one document in a book are listed in the settings dialog. (Bug ID: 9790)


  • If you insert a large image in the topic and specify any height or width, then it does not shrink to fit in the Word output. (Bug ID: 9333)
  • ePub defaults to .mobi file extension in the output preset. (Bug ID: 9561) 
  • Any index term with a cross-reference to another term does not display in the output. (Bug ID: 9501)
  • The root pseudo-class in the CSS does not work in the Frameless output. (Bug ID: 9448) 
  • Restart numbering for an autonumber paragraph doesn’t show correctly in Firefox. (Bug ID: 9624) 
  • Bookmarks in any nested topic do not work as expected in the Charcoal Gray skin. (Bug ID: 9622) 
  • The frameless output includes a folder with the entire project in it when the favicon path is not correct. (Bug ID: 9568)


  • Searching phrases in a large merged help system is much slower than RoboHelp 2017. (Bug ID: 9344) 
  • Phrase search inside baggage file is not working in Frameless and Responsive output. (Bug ID: 9328) 
  • Search results take a longer time to display in Frameless output for large projects. (Bug ID: 8822)


  • When creating a Git connection profile, the SSH error messages appear even when - ssh-agent is valid and running. (Bug ID: 9621) 
  • During classic project upgrade, the space at the end of the conditional text gets removed. (Bug ID: 9604) 
  • An upgraded RoboHelp classic project does not retain connections to source FrameMaker documents. (Bug ID: 9121) 
  • An online review cuts off the right side of the page. (Bug ID: 8928) 
  • The SharePoint server directory path is only visible in check-in dialog UI. It must be shown in project settings as well. (Bug ID: 9487) 
  • SFTP publishing does not work due to RoboHelp automatically adding "https://" in front of the server's address. (Bug ID: 9731)
  • Syncing from Project to Source does not always sync as expected. (Bug ID: 9659)

Adobe RoboHelp (2020 release) Update 5 focuses on enhancements to table properties, review workflows, ability to delete a review, enhancements to Frameless preset, and bug fixes. 

For more information, see What's new in RoboHelp (2020 release) Update 5.


  • Sometimes, topic properties get corrupted. (Bug ID: 8945)
  • Generic styles defined in the CSS file without tag name (like .red) is not listed in the Styles panel. (Bug ID: 9001)
  • When editing the image size in the skin editor, the "unlink" button is not working as expected. (Bug ID: 8994)
  • In the new topic creation dialog, the title does not get pre-selected (Bug ID: 8685)
  • In TOC editor, the next item does not get highlighted after deleting any item. (Bug ID: 9122)
  • Across sessions, the values of the Left and Right panel widths do not persist as expected. (Bug ID: 9027)
  • On importing files with the same name as an existing file, there is no warning message. (Bug ID: 8838)
  • Few table cell settings are not saved in the CSS editor. (Bug ID: 8325)
  • In multilevel list after changing numbering size, the list can’t be aligned with the content. (Bug ID: 9143) 
  • A class applied on li item is carried over to the paragraph after breaking the list. (Bug ID: 9132) 
  • Applying a class on a single li item from the Styles panel is not possible. (Bug ID: 9131)
  • Variables cannot be inserted in topic titles and index when any topic is open. (Bug ID: 9003)
  • Duplicating an autonumber style produces an application error. (Bug ID: 9185) 
  • You cannot specify negative values for margins. (Bug ID: 9197) 
  • Margin component collapses automatically after expanding for the first time. (Bug ID: 9196) 
  • Copy pasting text with image from Word does not paste the image in RoboHelp. The src is blank. (Bug ID: 9171) 
  • If any topic has Shift_JIS encoding, then after upgrading from a classic project, an application error appears. (Bug ID: 9163) 
  • The dimensions of a thumbnail are not getting saved as expected. (Bug ID: 9261)


  • An application error occurs when deleting files from the Unused Files report. (Bug ID: 9030)
  • There are a few formatting issues in the tables of reports like Snippets and Style Sheets. (Bug ID: 9023)
  • The Date column in reports does not display in the format as specified by the OS. (Bug ID: 6784)

Source control

  • In RoboHelp (2020 release) Update 4, you are unable to switch Git branches. (Bug ID: 9048)
  • The password prompt for Git doesn’t work as expected on Windows. (Bug ID: 9097)


  • The Google Machine Translation API isn't able to authenticate as expected. (Bug ID: 9069)


  • When fetching review comments, there are intermittent refresh issues. (Bug ID: 9053)
  • @ option for mentions does not work as expected in reviews. (Bug ID: 7615)

FrameMaker import

  • Unable to import FrameMaker 2020 documents into RoboHelp 2020. (Bug ID: 9043)
  • Importing from FrameMaker does not start a new topic on Style. (Bug ID: 8628)
  • While importing a FrameMaker document, the mapped table styles aren't getting into the book css file. (Bug ID: 6617)


  • Browse Sequences do not filter automatically if a topic is excluded from the output. (Bug ID: 8197)
  • Black-colored borders appear in a Word output for table cell when the border color is set to transparent. (Bug ID: 8996)
  • Titles that are too long do not display as expected in mobile view. (Bug ID: 9036)
  • The Publish settings icon is missing from the Publish page in Responsive HTML5 output. (Bug ID: 9050)
  • A Condition expression for an HTML5 output does not work correctly if the TOC contains bookmarks. (Bug ID: 6581)
  • If no master page is selected in the first field, then the other master page options are not saved in the PDF preset. (Bug ID: 9106)
  • While generating ouput, the deleted files from the output folder doesn't go to the recycle bin. (Bug ID: 9112)
  • In a Word output, large images do not shrink to fit in a table and get truncated. (Bug ID: 9137) 
  • A dash gets added to PDFs with bookmarks. (Bug ID: 9067) 
  • Breadcrumbs home label is not a hyperlink to go to the default topic. (Bug ID: 7674) 
  • In a Frameless top navigation skin, if the top section is linked to a topic, then its children are not shown in the output. (Bug ID: 9119)
  • For PDF and Word outputs, a variable used in a title does not get resolved. (Bug ID: 8991)
  • The value specified in the Chapter title field does not appear in a PDF output. (Bug ID: 9028)
  • Frameless and Responsive HTML5 outputs search also picks up text from script tags. (Bug ID: 9049)
  • In an output, a UTF-8 with BOM encoding does not work as expected. (Bug ID: 9166) 
  • Microsoft Edge does not appear in the list of browsers to preview on Windows. (Bug ID: 9243) 
  • When setting the size of a logo, the skin editor expects the height and width of the logo to be the same. (Bug ID: 9220)


  • Unable to copy all files from Assets > Images folder while publishing to local file system (Bug ID: 9079)
  • Publishing to Zoho Knowledge Base does not work for all regions. (Bug ID: 9041)
  • When published to SharePoint output, the link to a PDF does not open as expected. (Bug ID: 9012

Adobe RoboHelp Summer 2020 Update 4 introduces a new Knowledge Base output preset with article-based publishing, support for Zoho Knowledge Base, Multi-level Autonumbering, enhanced user experience with accessibility improvements, search and frameless skin enhancements, and other authoring enhancements.

For more information, see What's new in Adobe RoboHelp Summer 2020 release Update 4.

User experience

Bug ID



The default margin and padding added by the editor in the topic body is more than what the browser adds by default.


When holding down the Crtl key, rolling the mouse wheel forward zooms out instead of zoom in.


The Table of Contents panel does not allow you to drag and drop to reorganize content.


The keyboard shortcut to create a project does not work in machines with assistive technology.


Bug ID



An application error occurs when inserting Entities in the source code editor.


If you change tabs from Review to Author, you are redirected to the start of the topic, not where you were currently.


The Styles panel doesn’t scroll to the style which is applied at the cursor location.


When a topic is linked from TOC to a bookmark in another topic, after applying the changes, the topic title changes to topic.htm#bookmarktitle.


When you use the cross-reference multiple times, RoboHelp displays an application error, and asks you to restart.


In the Style Editor, RoboHelp does not add a semi-colon to the last line.


Unable to set vertical alignment for a single cell.


Bug ID Description
7819 A multi-level list from classic project doesn't get upgraded as expected.
8378 A printed documented SSL with Word output from classic project gets upgraded as PDF preset.
8349 An application error occurs on upgrading a large classic project.
8281 After upgrading RoboHelp to 2020 release, the snippets are moved to the top of a list. Trying to move the snippets do not work as expected.
8396 After a project upgrade, the table and column widths are incorrect.
8408 Image map positions change on upgrading from RoboHelp 2019 classic.
7966 Output title shows “Blank Project” in any newly created project instead of the specified project name.
8317 Searching in the Contents panel uses fuzzy match instead of precise match.
7004 When importing a Word doc with nested lists in RoboHelp, the nested lists do not appear as expected.
6888 After Word import, if document is split into multiple topics, links to self bookmarks are not converted to other topic links.
8459 After Launching Robohelp, clicking Collaborate > Open Connection shows empty at first. However, if you go to Connection profiles, close it, and then go to Collaborate> Open Connection,  then it lists the Connection Profiles.
8387 SharePoint online API throttling corrupts RoboHelp projects.
8604 The Review service does not work as expected for some regions.
8440 While adding a project to a GitHub repo, you encounter an application error.
8538 In some cases, the GlossaryTermConverter script does not work as expected. As a result, terms do not display in the output.
8627 When editing a topic using the WYSIWYG editor, if you click on the </> source button and then switch back to the editor, the screen will load but the content will be indented to the left with a portion of the topic content truncated.
8665 Downloading report doesn’t always contain all the rows.

Bug ID



Search ignores Add special characters for search settings.


In merged projects, Consider all words in search does not work as expected.


When the search term contains a special character, the returned search term is not highlighted.


Bug ID



Inline style doesn’t display correctly unless embed fonts option is switched on.


A PDF doesn't reflect chosen fonts despite being correct in the topic editor.


Number reset for lists, if done in between, does not display correctly in the PDF.


PDF output fails if there is a special character ‘%’ in the topic header.

Frameless and Responsive

Bug ID Description
8265 Hover on hide left panel button shows text "Show Left Panel" in mobile view.
8419 Glossary term having multiple words are broken after upgrade in output topics.
8435 Search engine won't display words even with no defined 'Stop Words’
8118 The TOC becomes blank on opening a Microcontent FAQ page.
8554 Related Topics and See also not appearing correctly in the output.
8579 In some cases, the frameless output is slower than expected and unresponsive.
7974 Popup links to images cannot be sized to appear with no white space or scroll bars.
8653 A topic is aligned to the right side in the Frameless mobile output.
8475 Bookmarks in Frameless do not work.
8694 A generated help inserts an extra slash into the download button URL.

Other output formats

Bug ID



File names having space or umlaut chars are not going to CHM output.


Output generation gets stuck in between when multiple outputs are generated from a batch file.


Clicking Shift+Enter in a list produces an extra space in Word output.


In a Word output, a table in a list is not indented as expected.


Text in a drop-down list in a CHM output doesn’t work as expected.

Fixed Issues


  1. RoboHelp crashes on start under macOS Big Sur. (Ref - 8361)


  1. When using the CSS editor, changes to table cell settings like border style, padding, alignment etc. are not getting saved. (Ref - 8325)

Source control

  1. RoboHelp reverts to the Master branch upon program launch is fixed for Git/ GitHub source control options.(Ref - 8353)


  1. Links to bookmarks on the same page in PDF do not work. (Ref - 8346)
  2. Inline CSS background images are not visible in PDF output due to issue with paths. (Ref - 8344)
  3. If any term is searched within a long string in Responsive HTML5 and Frameless outputs, the text in the summary is not wrapped. (Ref - 8340)
  4. Selecting the "Use lowercase file names" option in Responsive HTML5 and Frameless outputs removes breadcrumbs from the search results. (Ref - 8345)
  5. Change in project language from Project settings is not getting applied to Responsive HTML5 and Frameless outputs. (Ref - 8333)
  6. YouTube URL is not showing up in the Microcontent JSON output. (Ref - 8326)
  7. When linking an external file directly in TOC as a baggage file, the file is not copied in the output. (Ref - 8321)
  8. Search results for a long string in a topic get truncated in the search results window. (Ref - 8288)


  1. Force sync does not update the file content in the child project. (Ref - 8338)


  1. If in a topic some tag has style attribute having multiple props then missing semicolon (;) leads to that topic missing in the output. (Ref - 8330)

Feature enhancements

More Index options

You can now assign/change the display name of the topic with bookmark associated with index term from the Properties dialog in the context menu or from the Properties panel of the topic.

For more information, see Create and manage an index.

report enhancements

In the External References report, you can now order by either Link or Topic. Order by Link (default) option is added to check which all topics are linked from one particular link.

For more information, see Generate reports.

recent files menu options

"Go to File" in the File menu is renamed as "Recent Files" option (Alt+Ctrl+F). It shows the list of files recently opened in the Project apart from the capability to search for files.

switch branch in git

While working on a project, you may need to work on different working copy of the project in parallel, going from one branch to another all the time. You can now switch branches easily on Git by choosing Collaborate > Switch Branch

For more information, see Collaborate using Git.

use the new import settings feature

Select Import Settings from the home page to import the settings from RoboHelp 2019 (New UI, not the Classic version), which includes Application Preferences, Connection Profiles, Publish Profiles, Dialog and Panel Sizes, Scripts, and User Dictionaries.


This is applicable to the users who are moving from RH2019 and now installing RH2020 Update 2.

use the enhanced translation feature

Added Assets tab in the translation management editor to manage all the assets files like .css, png, jpeg, js, mp4 etc. between the master project and the child projects. The Assets tab lists all the extra files which are not sent for translation and are also not part of Topic, Author or Output tabs. The total number of exported and imported topics are also now displayed on the Translation confirmation dialog box.

For more information, see Translating content to multiple languages.

publish RHS output from the command line

You can now publish Adobe RoboHelp projects to Adobe RoboHelp Server using the below command line.

Robohelp.exe --cl "C:\Latte.rhpj" -o "My Responsive Output" -l "C:\logfile.html" -p "C:\outputfolder" -u -s "publish_profile_name"

-u parameter is for publishing. (publishing gets priority over the generation).

-s for publishing to a particular publish profile(eg. -s "publish_profile_name"). If not provided, publishing is done to the selected servers in the preset.

-verbose shows the logs on the command line.

For more information, see Publish to a RoboHelp Server.

Other enhancements

  • You can now close any tab in the editor area using the middle mouse button.
  • You can now access the properties for all the assets files, for example, .docx, .xlsx, etc. by right-clicking and then selecting the Properties menu item. The Properties dialog box will provide you with information such as general info and the reference data where that file is used.

Fixed Issues


  1. Unable to select multiple cells using Shift + Arrow Keys in the table (Ref - 8095)
  2. Unable to adjust padding in cells from the Properties panel (Ref - 7939)
  3. After merging, table cells can't select specific table text at the end of the merged cell. (Ref - 8094)
  4. Pasting nested table within the main table is pasting full cell rather than just the table (Ref - 8098)
  5. Restart numbering in properties panel is shown only when class is applied on any element. (Ref - 8116)
  6. Condition tags are not shown immediately after applying in the TOC (Ref - 8127)
  7. At times, TOC structure randomly changes while dragging from the TOC panel to the editor area in the middle. (Ref - 8122)
  8. View not restoring to same position on toggle between author and source view when full tag is selected; instead opens the topic from the top. (Ref - 8099)


  1. Creating a new topic from a master page with multiple css files attached does not retain all the css files. (Ref - 8093)
  2. Browse Sequence does not give indication of the missing topics (Ref - 7650)
  3. Duplicate output preset does not duplicate with default settings as per the source preset. (Ref - 7964)


  1. Connection Profiles disappear randomly when all instances are closed and then reopened. (Ref - 7947)
  2. Context-sensitive help (CSH) API folder is missing.


  1. Most relevant search results are not prioritized in Frameless output. (Ref - 6602)
  2. Search autocomplete does not work for words with formatting (Ref - 6846)
  3. User is not navigated to the dropdown if it contains the search term (Ref - 8038)
  4. Phrase search fails if a HTML element occurs within the phrase. (Ref - 3153)
  5. Search keyword with more than one word does not work (Ref - 6915)


  1. Heading based TOC doesn’t nest correctly. (Ref - 8005)
  2. Page numbers in Index entries are not sorted in PDF and Word. (Ref - 7825)
  3. PDF output with an auto-created TOC with active option "TOC pages for bookmarks" is not working. (Ref - 8246)


  1. Headings coming from snippets are moved to the end irrespective of their placement in miniTOC in Responsive HTML5 output. (Ref - 7980)
  2. Book or Section associated with any topic does not expand automatically in the TOC when navigated from the TOC titles (Ref - 8097)
  3. Chatbot on a page opens in expanded form by default. (Ref - 8079)
  4. chatbot.css added to the project for Frameless output gets modified during generation.
  5. Structure of the XML files in the XHTML output in the latest release of RoboHelp is not the same as in RoboHelp2019 Classic (Ref - 8123)
  6. Performance issue with generation and publishing of Responsive HTML5 output. (Ref - 8172)

Feature enhancements

Classic project upgrade

For projects upgraded from RoboHelp Classic, the latest version of RoboHelp now includes the following changes.

  • The assets from the root folder are now organized, rest all other folders are migrated as they are.
  • All the baggage files, whether used or not, are now available in the upgraded project. 

Work with single tab mode

You can now open any topic or file in a single tab mode without opening multiple tabs. RoboHelp resues the tabs wherever possible to make it a seamless experience. If any topic is being modified, then that particular tab persists, hence opening the new selected topic in another tab. 

To enable this option, click Edit > Preferences > General > Use single tab to open files.


You can now discard the current changes and revert to the previous version in GIT. 

For more information, see Collaborate using Git.

search through your bookmarks

You can now search for bookmarks while inserting hyperlinks.

For more information, see Create and manage links.

Define hierarchy of imported topics from word in the TOC

You can now define hierarchy based on the styles for the imported topics in the TOC in the Advanced settings tab.

To enable this option, click File > Import > Word Document. Select Map Word styles to TOC hierarchy in Word Import Settings. 

For more information, see Import Word documents into a project.

Work with breadcrumbs

At any time, you can now use the basic operations like cut, copy, paste, or remove by right-clicking on any of the breadcrumbs in the Author view.  You can also now identify the structure of a breadcrumb trail with the listing of sibling and child text elements.

For more information, see Insert breadcrumbs.

easier text attribute removal

You can remove the text attributes by selecting "Remove Text Attributes" option in the context menu of the text or the breadcrumbs. You can also select multiple paragraphs and remove attributes in bulk.

easier variable creation

You can now create a variable from the selected text and convert the current selection to variable. The selected text gets converted to the variable; press undo (Ctrl + Z) to revert it.

For more information, see Insert a variable.

use the new inline snippet feature

You can now reuse your content as inline and formatted as hyperlinks, bold text, image etc. You can select text within the paragraph and create snippet of the selected portion, you can also create it directly in the snippet editor. On usage, it can be inserted within any paragraph or text as an inline snippet.

For more information, see Insert a snippet.

Improved Chatbot client

You can now configure the chatbot responses like Welcome text, Default text, Error messages, etc. in the Client tab of the Chatbot preset. 

Response of any Intent can be modified further on the DialogFlow server now.

Note: This is one way only, edited response doesn't flow back to RoboHelp.

Improved Microcontent

The FAQ page generated from Microcontent now goes to all output formats and not just Frameless, as earlier.

For more information, see Microcontent.

Use the new Kindle preset

The EPUB preset has been renamed to eBook. You can now produce eBook content with the EPUB and Kindle formats so that it can be read on mobile devices, eBook readers, and tablets. For EPUB, RoboHelp generates .epub files, whereas, for Kindle Book, RoboHelp generates a Kindle Format 8 (KF8) and Mobi file using the KindleGen converter. The link to download the KindleGen converter is available in the Kindle tab of the eBook preset.

All existing EPUB presets will be upgraded to eBook with .epub as the default format. You can also configure custom metadata and specify a cover image for both EPUB and Kindle.

For more information, see Generate eBook output.

Use the new enhanced frameless output

The Frameless output is available now with more enhancements.

  • The flickering during navigation in the Frameless output is fixed now to give you a smooth experience when viewed from the server. 
  • In the full-screen mode, topic content is expanded to the right side too to provide a better reading experience. 
  • In the breadcrumbs, the hyperlink from the Home button is removed to be used as a label only. 
  • Dynamic content filtering is allowed on the Index entries too.

For more information, see Generate Frameless output.

PDF enhancements

An option to control automatic hyphenation is added in the Advanced tab of the PDF preset. You can switch on or off as per your need. Earlier it was enabled by default.

To enable this option, open the Advanced settings and select Use automatic hyphenation.

For more information, see Generate PDF output.

Fixed Issues


  1. RoboHelp hangs on the first launch after the machine restarts. (Ref - 7713)
  2. Unable to change the case of a file name. (Ref - 7736)
  3. The zoom level of 250% is displayed twice in Zoom settings. (Ref - 7679)
  4. Help > Update does not launch the updater; instead launches Creative Cloud app.  (Ref - 7664)
  5. Editing the CSS style name in the upper case creates a duplicate. (Ref - 7592)
  6. Order of table rows and columns styling does not get saved in the right order. (Ref - 7570)
  7. CHM compiler is missing from the installer. (Ref - 7779)
  1. GIT integration using the HTTPS method doesn’t work. (Ref - 7727)
  2. GIT cloning using wrong password credentials does not show password prompt again. (Ref - 7616)
  1. Placing the cursor in the Index Keywords field causes RoboHelp to freeze for sometime. (Ref - 7655)
  2. Cannot apply class to multiple paragraphs in one go. (Ref - 7822)


  1. Topics excluded from the build by an expression still appear in the TOC. (Ref - 7699)
  2. Batch generation from the command line fails. (Ref - 7662)
  3. The search feature is not working in the Japanese HTML help (CHM). (Ref - 7458)


  1. Breadcrumbs show the incorrect path if a topic occurs more than once in the TOC. (Ref - 7688)
  2. TOC jumps between topics when a topic clicked is referenced multiple times in the TOC. (Ref - 7728)
  3. When generating a frameless output that contains thumbnail images, multiple instances of the same thumbnail are generated on top of one another. (Ref - 7700)
  4. In Frameless output, links to bookmarks in a table fail on the first click. (Ref - 6899)


  1. Converting Japanese pages to CHM in Microsoft HTML Help results in garbled text. (Ref - 7848)


  1. Index creation fails due to the word "constructor" being in the content. (Ref - 7923)
  2. If a topic has a condition tag applied, then content level tags are not excluded correctly by condition expression in the output. (Ref - 8019)

Responsive HTML5

  1. Dynamic content filter does not filter index terms correctly. (Ref - 6618)

For any fixed issues related to RH2019, please visit


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