Silent installation and configurations of Shockwave player

The Windows EXE and MSI Shockwave Player licensed installers offer a command line option for enabling silent installs. A silent install performs the installation without displaying any dialog boxes.

  • For the EXE (Windows, all supported browsers), use the /S option on the command line:
    C:\>sw_lic_full_installer.EXE /S
  • For the MSI (Windows, Internet Explorer only), use the /qn option on the command line:
    C:\>msiexec /i sw_lic_full_installer.msi /qn

Notification services, Shockwave Player licensed for an intranet

By default, the update notification service is turned on. Shockwave Player periodically attempts to communicate with Adobe's server to determine if there is a new version of the player. With the v10.1 release, the corporate and fixed-media free license installers no longer include user registration dialogs or the redirect to You can turn off the service by changing the settings in Shockwave Player Properties menu. To access this menu, right-click Shockwave content.

Important: Adobe does not currently provide the option to reconfigure the update notification service under the terms of this license. So, you cannot configure it to point to an intranet for updates.

When updates are available, the update notification service shows an update dialog box only if ALL of the following conditions are met:

  • You are playing Shockwave content inside a web browser.
  • The Shockwave content (DCR file) resides on a web/intranet address. It is not local on the computer. In other words, the URL must look something like the following, rather than file:///C:\somefile.dcr.
  • The computer is connected to the Internet.
  • Shockwave Player can communicate with the Adobe server. If it is unable to for any reason, it fails silently and you never see the update dialog box. In this situation, the update doesn't occur.
  • There is a new version of Shockwave Player available. 
  • The user has the Auto Update or Update Notification option selected.

Note: If any one of these conditions is not met, the user doesn't see an update prompt at any time.

If the computer isn't connected to the Internet, does it try to establish a dial-in connection for updates?

A: No. Shockwave Player never initiates a connection to the Internet for an installation.

If users on an intranet don't have Shockwave Player installed, how can they be directed to the licensed installer on my intranet?

A: Change the code base URL in the Object tag to reference the file on your server. Replace the URL, highlighted below, with the appropriate URL on your server.

<object codebase=",1,0,11" ID=linkedcasttest width=500 height=330><param name=src value="linkedcasttest.dcr"><param name=swRemote value="swSaveEnabled='true' swVolume='true' swRestart='true' swPausePlay='true' swFastForward='true' swContextMenu='true' "><param name=swStretchStyle value=none><PARAM NAME=bgColor VALUE=#FFFFFF><embed href="/support/director/ts/documents/linkedcasttest.dcr" bgColor=#FFFFFF  width=500 height=330 swRemote="swSaveEnabled='true' swVolume='true' swRestart='true' swPausePlay='true' swFastForward='true' swContextMenu='true' " swStretchStyle=none type="application/x-director" pluginspage=""></embed>
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