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Adobe will stop the Adobe Story CC service on January 22, 2019. Adobe Story CC, Adobe Story CC (Classic), and Adobe Story CC desktop application will be discontinued. See End of service FAQ for more information.

Available for: Adobe Story Plus

Story allows you to split a schedule into two schedules. For example, when you have sorted a schedule according to Day / Night, you can split the schedule into two schedules, one with all the day scenes and the other with all the night scenes. Also, you can split a schedule by Studio\Location scenes also.

Split a schedule at selection

Available for: Adobe Story Plus

Split at selection option splits a schedule into two at the selected strip. The selected strip is included in the first schedule.

  1. In a schedule, select the scene at which you want to split the schedule.

  2. Click Split and select Split At Selection.

  3. In the Split Schedule dialog, give the names to the two new schedules.

  4. If you want to open the two schedules as new tabs, select Open Split Documents As New Tabs.

  5. Click OK.

Split a schedule by studio/loc

Available for: Adobe Story Plus

Split Studio\Loc option splits a schedule into two schedules: one with scenes where set is Studio and another where the set is Location. The scenes in the original schedule where sets are specified as STU/LOC or none are included in both the schedules.

  1. In a schedule, click Split and select Split Studio/Loc.

    You get two schedules with the original schedule’s name suffixed with _Split-A 1 and _Split-B 1. Split-A 1 includes all the scenes with set as Studio and Stu/Loc. Split-B 1 includes all the scenes with set as Location and Stu/Loc.

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