Use this document to see the list of bug fixes in After Effects CC 2017.1 (April 2017) release.

For a list of bug fixes in earlier releases of After Effects, see List of bug fixes in After Effects CC (January 2017) release.

Bug fixes related to render issues

Issue Status
After Effects resets Started time and Render Time of completed Render Queue items. Fixed
After Effects does not load or migrate Render Settings templates from earlier versions and shows Unicode error. Fixed
Post-render actions in the render queue are evaluated when all the files in the render queue are complete. Fixed
Render log files are written when only a single render item is processed by the render queue. Fixed

Bug fixes related to functional issues

Issue Status
After Effects could generate first two seconds of silence during real-time playback of preview in a fully cached composition. This could happen if both the Hardware Accelerate Composition, Layer, and Footage panel preference, and the Mute Audio When Preview Is Not Real-time preference are enabled. Fixed
When you try to import Camera Raw or DNG files with read-only permissions, you could get an error message: "File could't be opened for writing: "". ( 3 :: 0 )." Fixed
On macOS, you cannot replace footage using the Replace Footage dialog with psd, ai, camera raw, or dng file formats. Fixed
When you choose Replace Footage for a missing file, missing JPEG files are not relinked simultaneously. Fixed
When you set the value of a Text Scale animator to 0% in a composition that used CINEMA 4D renderer, After Effects could display an error message: "Cannot normalize zero vector ( 17 :: 50 )." Fixed
Changes made to a Character Animator scene or Premiere Pro sequence, which is dynamically linked to an After Effects compositions might not be recognized when you switch back to After Effects.
When disk cache is enabled, layers with effects that combine the layer source with the previous effects applied on the layer could render in the upper-left corner instead of the composition. Fixed
After Effects plays audio through some channels of external audio device at the wrong sample rate. Fixed
After Effects automatically resets the Audio output Mapping preferences to channels 1 and 2, even after other channels on a multi-channel audio device are selected.
When you enable or disable Hardware Accelerate Composition, Layer, and Footage Panels preference, After Effects takes time to update the Composition panel. Fixed
Moving the mouse pointer on macOS when Collect Files workflow is running could cause the file copy to error or fail. Fixed
Collect Files workflow does not list the effects used in the project in the Project Report file. Fixed
When you uninstall a 2015 release of After Effects after installing After Effects April 2017 version, After Effects file association for .aep files does not work on Windows. Fixed
The Project Settings dialog does not open to the Color Settings tab when you choose Set Project Working Space from the Channel and Color Management Settings menu in the Composition, Layer, and Footage panels. Fixed

Bug fixes related to crash issues

Issue Status
After Effects could crash on launch if one of the workspace files is corrupted. Fixed
After Effects could crash when running a script that uses the FlashPlayer object. Fixed
When you launch After Effects, you could get an error dialog with dark gray text on a darker gray background. Fixed