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Fixed issues in Premiere Pro

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro User Guide
  2. Beta releases
    1. Beta Program Overview
    2. Premiere Pro Beta Home
  3. Getting started
    1. Get started with Adobe Premiere Pro
    2. What's new in Premiere Pro
    3. Best practices for updating Premiere Pro
    4. Keyboard shortcuts in Premiere Pro
    5. Accessibility in Premiere Pro
    6. Long Form and Episodic Workflow Guide
    7. Frequently asked questions
    8. Release Notes | Premiere Pro
  4. Hardware and operating system requirements
    1. Hardware recommendations
    2. System requirements
    3. GPU and GPU Driver requirements
    4. GPU Accelerated Rendering & Hardware Encoding/Decoding
  5. Creating projects
    1. Start a new project
    2. Open projects
    3. Move and delete projects
    4. Work with multiple open projects
    5. Work with Project Shortcuts
    6. Backward compatibility of Premiere Pro projects
    7. Open and edit Premiere Rush projects in Premiere Pro
    8. Best Practices: Create your own project templates
  6. Workspaces and workflows
    1. Workspaces
    2. FAQ | Import and export in Premiere Pro
    3. Working with Panels
    4. Windows touch and gesture controls
    5. Use Premiere Pro in a dual-monitor setup
  7. Capturing and importing
    1. Capturing
      1. Capturing and digitizing footage
      2. Capturing HD, DV, or HDV video
      3. Batch capturing and recapturing
      4. Setting up your system for HD, DV, or HDV capture
    2. Importing
      1. Transfer files
      2. Importing still images
      3. Importing digital audio
    3. Importing from Avid or Final Cut
      1. Importing AAF project files from Avid Media Composer
      2. Importing XML project files from Final Cut Pro 7 and Final Cut Pro X
    4. File formats
      1. Supported file formats
      2. Support for Blackmagic RAW
    5. Digitizing analog video
    6. Working with timecode
  8. Editing
    1. Edit video    
    2. Sequences
      1. Create and change sequences
      2. Change sequence settings
      3. Add clips to sequences
      4. Rearrange clips in a sequence
      5. Find, select, and group clips in a sequence
      6. Edit from sequences loaded into the Source Monitor
      7. Simplify sequences
      8. Rendering and previewing sequences
      9. Working with markers
      10. Source patching and track targeting
      11. Scene edit detection
    3. Video
      1. Create and play clips
      2. Trimming clips
      3. Synchronizing audio and video with Merge Clips
      4. Render and replace media
      5. Undo, history, and events
      6. Freeze and hold frames
      7. Working with aspect ratios
    4. Audio
      1. Overview of audio in Premiere Pro
      2. Audio Track Mixer
      3. Adjusting volume levels
      4. Edit, repair, and improve audio using Essential Sound panel
      5. Automatically duck audio
      6. Remix audio
      7. Monitor clip volume and pan using Audio Clip Mixer
      8. Audio balancing and panning
      9. Advanced Audio - Submixes, downmixing, and routing
      10. Audio effects and transitions
      11. Working with audio transitions
      12. Apply effects to audio
      13. Measure audio using the Loudness Radar effect
      14. Recording audio mixes
      15. Editing audio in the timeline
      16. Audio channel mapping in Premiere Pro
      17. Use Adobe Stock audio in Premiere Pro
    5. Advanced editing
      1. Multi-camera editing workflow
      2. Set up and use Head Mounted Display for immersive video in Premiere Pro
      3. Editing VR
    6. Best Practices
      1. Best Practices: Mix audio faster
      2. Best Practices: Editing efficiently
      3. Editing workflows for feature films
  9. Video Effects and Transitions
    1. Overview of video effects and transitions
    2. Effects
      1. Types of effects in Premiere Pro
      2. Apply and remove effects
      3. Effect presets
      4. Automatically reframe video for different social media channels
      5. Color correction effects
      6. Change duration and speed of clips
      7. Adjustment Layers
      8. Stabilize footage
    3. Transitions
      1. Applying transitions in Premiere Pro
      2. Modifying and customizing transitions
      3. Morph Cut
  10. Titles, Graphics, and Captions    
    1. Overview of the Essential Graphics panel
    2. Titles
      1. Create a title
    3. Graphics
      1. Create a shape
      2. Draw with the Pen tool
      3. Align and distribute objects
      4. Change the appearance of text and shapes
      5. Apply gradients
      6. Add Responsive Design features to your graphics
      7. Install and use Motion Graphics templates
      8. Replace images or videos in Motion Graphics templates
      9. Use data-driven Motion Graphics templates
    4. Captions
      1. Speech to Text
      2. Download language packs for transcription
      3. Working with captions
      4. Check spelling and Find and Replace
      5. Export text
      6. Speech to Text in Premiere Pro | FAQ
    5. Best Practices: Faster graphics workflows
    6. Retiring the Legacy Titler in Premiere Pro | FAQ
    7. Upgrade Legacy titles to Source Graphics
  11. Animation and Keyframing
    1. Adding, navigating, and setting keyframes
    2. Animating effects
    3. Use Motion effect to edit and animate clips
    4. Optimize keyframe automation
    5. Moving and copying keyframes
    6. Viewing and adjusting effects and keyframes
  12. Compositing
    1. Compositing, alpha channels, and adjusting clip opacity
    2. Masking and tracking
    3. Blending modes
  13. Color Correction and Grading
    1. Overview: Color workflows in Premiere Pro
    2. Auto Color
    3. Get creative with color using Lumetri looks
    4. Adjust color using RGB and Hue Saturation Curves
    5. Correct and match colors between shots
    6. Using HSL Secondary controls in the Lumetri Color panel
    7. Create vignettes
    8. Looks and LUTs
    9. Lumetri scopes
    10. Display Color Management
    11. Timeline tone mapping
    12. HDR for broadcasters
    13. Enable DirectX HDR support
  14. Exporting media
    1. Export video
    2. Export Preset Manager
    3. Workflow and overview for exporting
    4. Quick export
    5. Exporting for the Web and mobile devices
    6. Export a still image
    7. Exporting projects for other applications
    8. Exporting OMF files for Pro Tools
    9. Export to Panasonic P2 format
    10. Export settings
      1. Export settings reference
      2. Basic Video Settings
      3. Encoding Settings
    11. Best Practices: Export faster
  15. Collaboration:, Productions, and Team Projects
    1. Collaboration in Premiere Pro
      1. Install and activate
      2. Use with Premiere Pro and After Effects
      3. Integrate Adobe Workfront and
      4. Frequently asked questions
    3. Productions
      1. Using Productions
      2. How clips work across projects in a Production
      3. Best Practices: Working with Productions
    4. Team Projects
      1. Get started with Team Projects
      2. Create a Team Project
      3. Add and manage media in Team Projects
      4. Invite and manage collaborators in a team project
      5. Share and manage changes with collaborators
      6. View auto-saves and versions of Team Projects
      7. Archive, restore, or delete Team Projects
  16. Working with other Adobe applications
    1. After Effects and Photoshop
    2. Dynamic Link
    3. Audition
    4. Prelude
  17. Organizing and Managing Assets
    1. Working in the Project panel
    2. Organize assets in the Project panel
    3. Playing assets
    4. Search assets
    5. Creative Cloud Libraries
    6. Sync Settings in Premiere Pro
    7. Consolidate, transcode, and archive projects
    8. Managing metadata
    9. Best Practices
      1. Best Practices: Learning from broadcast production
      2. Best Practices: Working with native formats
  18. Improving Performance and Troubleshooting
    1. Set preferences
    2. Reset and restore preferences
    3. Working with Proxies
      1. Proxy overview
      2. Ingest and Proxy Workflow
    4. Check if your system is compatible with Premiere Pro
    5. Premiere Pro for Apple silicon
    6. Eliminate flicker
    7. Interlacing and field order
    8. Smart rendering
    9. Control surface support
    10. Best Practices: Working with native formats
    11. Knowledge Base
      1. Known issues
      2. Fixed issues
      3. Fix Premiere Pro crash issues
      4. Unable to migrate settings after updating Premiere Pro
      5. Green and pink video in Premiere Pro or Premiere Rush
      6. How do I manage the Media Cache in Premiere Pro?
      7. Fix errors when rendering or exporting
      8. Troubleshoot issues related to playback and performance in Premiere Pro
  19. Extensions and plugins
    1. Installing plugins and extensions in Premiere Pro
    2. Latest plugins from third-party developers
  20. Monitoring Assets and Offline Media
    1. Monitoring assets
      1. Using the Source Monitor and Program Monitor
      2. Using the Reference Monitor
    2. Offline media
      1. Working with offline clips
      2. Creating clips for offline editing
      3. Relinking offline medInstia

We heard you! We have been working hard at making Premiere Pro even better.

Fixed issues in the 23.3 update


  • Fixed issues that could:
    • Cause center channel to be silent in 5.1 output when using the 5.1 panner in 5.1 sequence.
    • Prevent loading and saving presets from functioning correctly for some VST3 plugins.
    • Lead to crashes when deleting a sequence in Project panel while remix analysis was in process.
    • Lead to a crash while Remix is analyzing audio.


  • Caption backgrounds for broadcast formats is now per line instead of the entire caption block. This includes Australian OP-47, CEA-608, CEA-708, EBU Subtitle and Teletext formats. For “Subtitle” format you still have the existing UI to choose Per Line or All Lines).
  • Speech to text:
    • There is an updated language pack for Portuguese that can distinguish speech between European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.
    • For Spanish transcriptions and captions, we are now correctly including the “¿ “ at the beginning of every sentence that is a question.


  • Fixed issues that could cause:
    • The clip name to always offset when applying a transition in the timeline. We now only offset when the track size is small enough to cause overlap.
    • Button editor layouts in the Source Monitor and Program Monitor to not be retained unless the project was closed before quitting the app.
    • Media Pending graphic and no progress for the playhead or video while clicking the Enter key in Trim Mode.
    • Paste to not work properly if source items for a paste were contained in a bin and deleted before they were pasted.
    • The UI to be blocked while the media was relinking.
    • Clip markers intermittently not showing in a Sequence.


  • Effects preview remains in the Effects panel after removing the effect name in the search bar.


  • Simplified the dialog for exporting video with captions. To export with captions, enable the option in the Captions section in Export mode.
  • Sped up rendering and exports for Motion Graphics templates with Media Replacement using high-resolution stills.
  • Exporting ProResHQ/4444 would create banding on Mac.


  • Fixed an issue where in some cases user created favorites were not maintained when closing and reopening Premiere Pro.
  • We have fixed some cases where Ingest mode would become disabled when switching between Edit and Import modes.


  • Fixed an issue which could occur when creating a Production while running Premiere Pro in Spanish or Portuguese.


  • Proxy media with multi-channel audios shows proper number of channels online after the source media is forced offline.
  • Proxies from MXF files with multiple audio channels will properly playback when proxies are toggled on.
  • Fixed an issue where offline proxies were marked as edited when relinked.

Text panel

  • We added scrolling enhancements to the Text panel to give users a better and smoother experience when working with transcripts and captions in the Text panel.

Fixed issues in the 23.2 update


  • Fixed issues that could cause:
    • Audio stuttering to occur after quitting and relaunching Premiere Pro multiple times.
    • Audio glitches at the start of an exported .wav file.
    • Changes to Primary Audio Device Offset preference were not saved.
    • "Cannot export audio effect" message when exporting AAF clip with Essential Sound panel audio categories (assigned by the user)
    • Remix clips moved to the start of the timeline in exported AAF.
    • Essential Sound panel to not update correctly after an undo or redo.


  • Fixed issues that could cause:
    • Media Type and Captions Metadata fields of the SRT file to not display correctly.
    • Single-height texts from teletext or OP-47 to export as double height in a sidecar file or embedded caption.
    • Double-clicking on the caption segment opened the Browse tab of the Essential Graphics panel instead of showing the edit tool.


  • Fixed issues that could cause:
    • Overlays to not be visible on clips when switching the multi-camera angle in the Program Monitor.
    • Overlays to not be visible when opening a project (or disappearing when switching between Program Monitor views).
    • Stretch to Fill was not applied when exporting through AME or Premiere Pro using GPU rendering. The exported file was still pillar boxed.
    • Timecode panel to display incorrectly after changing the mode of a line. 


  • Fixed issue that caused H.264 and HEVC exports to fail when the export location name used double-byte characters, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or extended ASCII characters, like accents and umlauts.  


  • Fixed issues that could cause:
    • Simultaneous import of multiple ALEXA 35 ARRIRAW files to fail.
    • Slow project loading and reloading for projects containing many ALEXA 35 ProRes files. Review panel  

  • Subtitles are now included when uploading an active sequence.
  • Fixed issues that could cause:
    • Unreliable auto-versioning of active sequences.
    • Version stacking sometimes created unusable files.
  • Fixes for other smaller issues and improved performance.


  • Fixed issues that could cause:
    • Increasing the size of the shadow effect on a text layer failed if the text layer had an inner stroke.
    • Essential Graphic panel controls became unusable when a motion graphics template was replaced by another template with different controls.
    • Effects with transform controls applied to Premiere Pro graphics could not be moved in the Essential Graphics panel.
    • Templates could still be replaced, even if the user had clicked “no” in the “Multiple Matching Graphics Detected” dialog. 
    • Potential crashes when running NVIDIA GeForce Experience and Premiere Pro at the same time on Windows systems using NVIDIA drivers between version 527.43 and 528.23.
  • Removed Type 1 font support. More information about the change is here


  • Fixed an issue that could cause ellipses (indicating a long file name) to disappear after resizing the table in Import mode.


  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the user from moving to the next or previous marker via keyboard shortcuts after adding a new marker.  


  • Fixed an issue with closing or renaming project files when the project tile name included accented characters.

Team Projects 

  • Fixed issues that could cause:
    • Intermittent crash when publishing an update after quitting Premiere Pro.
    • Bin with assets to be marked as unpublished.
    • Autosave feature to be disabled after canceling a conflict resolution dialog.
    • Error when opening a team project that contained one or more After Effects comps.
    • CPU-only acceleration after relaunching the application.
    • Correctly linked team project to be removed by using the “Remove Unused” command.

Stability and performance 

  • Fixed issues that could cause:
    • Crash when gradient layer was applied on two nested sequences.
    • Potential crash when using the Revert command while recording.
    • Potential crash when switching audio devices.
    • Interactions in the Timeline to become less responsive over time. This can include scrubbing with the playhead, selecting clips, moving clips around, or switching between multiple open sequences.
  • Optimizations for improved GPU detection capability, ensuring that playback is GPU accelerated when possible.

Fixed issues in the 23.1 version


  • Fixed an issue that could cause:
    • Start/end captions metadata to be displayed after transcription.
    • The timecode of imported SCC caption files with non-zero start timecode to display a zero start timecode value. 
    • Captions of Japanese or Chinese SRT files in UTF16 codec to display some character strings incorrectly. 
    • Hanging problems when double-clicking on an imported sidecar captions file in the Project panel. 
    • Some non-drop frame SCC caption files to import as drop frame. 
    • Some drop frame SCC caption files to import as non-drop frame. 
    • Some Japanese SRT files to be imported with missing captions. 


  • Fixed issues that could:
    • Prevent easy editing of two markers that exist at the same location.
    • Prevent Go to Next Marker from working correctly for markers placed at the same location.
    • Prevent Clear Selected Marker from working on multi-channel audio track items.
    • Add a marker instead of editing an existing marker at the same location when working with multichannel audio track items. 
    • Prevent Go to Next Marker from working correctly when a hidden marker has the same position as a visible marker. 
    • Prevent Edit Marker from working with hidden markers.
    • Prevent marker lines for hidden markers from appearing in the audio waveform. 
    • Prevent show or hide marker by color from working when only a single marker exists. 
    • Prevent adding a different color marker to the same location as an existing hidden marker when working with multi-cam clips.
    • Cause the wrong marker to be deleted when using Clear Selected Marker with markers of different colors at the same location.
    • Cause clip markers to not be included in clip exports when Include Markers is checked. 


  • Fixed issues that could cause:
    • A multi-cam sequence in the media project of a Production to not update correctly in the timeline project of the same production. 
    • The Lumetri panel to open a multi-cam sequence of a Production in the timeline without opening the source project. This could lead to a duplicate timeline. 
    • A project to be opened without the parent Production also being opened. 
    • Projects to remain open after the parent Production is closed.  
    • A multi-cam clip in a Production to be opened twice. 
    • Notifications about locked projects in a Production to disappear quickly from view. 
    • Media relinked via the import of an AAF file to play poorly. 
    • Duplicate audio clips in a multi-cam sequence to disappear when flattened. 
    • Media marked as offline in a Team Project from correctly appearing as offline in the Freeform View
  • Removed the option in Preferences > Memory to optimize rendering for memory or performance. Other application changes have now made this option unnecessary. 


  • Fixed issues that could:
    • Prevent decimal values from being accepted in the target bitrate section of the Export mode when using Match Source with H.264. 
    • Prevent the audio channels configuration section of Export mode from correctly scrolling when exporting with 9 or more audio streams. 
  • Improved Hot Text Control in Export mode. 


  • Fixed issues that could cause:
    • A crash after changing parameter values in the Dialogue section of the Essential Sound panel for multiple selected clips.
    • A crash after changing the duration of clips in the Essential Sound panel using Remix presets.
    • A crash when saving and re-opening a project using keyboard shortcuts while Remix Analysis was in progress.
    • An audio effect could be instantiated on Audio Track 1 in the Audio Track Mixer when the track was locked in the Timeline Panel.
    • The Bezier curve on keyframes to not be maintained when using Clip Volume keyboard shortcuts.
    • Remix presets not to be applied if the clips were already remixed.
    • Noise in the audio track panning.
    • Even numbered audio channels to not export correctly.
  • Fixed an issue in the German language version of Premiere Pro that could prevent the use of Channel Configuration in Loudness Normalization.


  • Fixed issues of:
    • Crash triggered by ACE color profile initialization.
    • Incorrectly displaying Lumetri Scopes for Waveform YC in HDR Mode for HLG/PQ colorspace.
    • Causing intermittent flickers in the scopes when the playback was paused.


  • Fixed issues that could cause:
    • All files from Canon cinema cameras to be imported with the clip name CLIPS001.
    • A crash while adjusting Color Temperature slider in the Effects Control panel for Cinema Canon Raw Light files from Canon R5 C.
    • Memory leak issues when importing multiple HEIC files, improving both the import and playback of HEIC files.
    • Memory leak issue that would happen while playing the MotionJPEG file in AVI containers
    • The Lens Squeeze Factor value set in ARRI cameras to be ignored when using ARRIRAW. 
    • A crash when changing Playback Resolution when playing ProRes media.
    • A crash when importing certain MPEG-4 files on Mac Intel 
    • Sony Alpha FX3 media with an embedded LUT to be imported with the wrong timecode.
    • A crash in Audition while importing AVCHD media.
    • Audio to be missing when importing AVCHD media.
    • A crash when exporting to XAVC Intra or XAVC LongGOP formats.
    • Hanging problems when playing QuickTime ProRes media.
    • A crash when exporting very long sequences to H.264.
    • Proxies from the Panasonic AG-CX10 to be imported with the wrong timecode.
    • Corrupt frames when smart rendering XDCAM HD files.
    • Hanging problems when playing or scrubbing some H.264 media.
    • Frame substitution errors and black video frames when editing.
    • A crash when using ProRes RAW files.
  • Fixed Source Settings > DeNoise slider for RED R3D files.
  • Fixed memory management issue that could occur if switching to another application after Premiere Pro has completed creating many audios conform files in the Media Cache.
  • Fixed an issue where smart rendering MXF files on Windows was slower than expected.


  • Fixed the issues:
    • Of Line Cap and Line Join settings to correct End Cap appearances on open Bezier shapes when upgrading a Legacy Title to Source Graphic.
    • Where gradient fills were changing to solid when upgrading Legacy Titles to Source Graphics.
    • To improve font syncing for upgraded Legacy Titles so fonts will more closely match the appearance in Legacy Titler.
    • Where layers were displaced when right-clicking on a graphic track item with pinning.
    • Of a crash when pushing appearance changes that had a different number of strokes from the style.

Team Projects

  • Fixed issues that could cause:
    • A crash with how we package changes to be sent to the service. 
    • Users in the same Team Project to occasionally appear to go out of sync.
    • Clips in a project to be marked as offline when the project was opened in a beta version of Premiere Pro. 
    • Hanging problems when performing conflict resolution on many clips. 
    • Performance issues when closing large projects. 
    • An interface issue where the Publish or Update buttons would remain greyed out and disappear from the Edit > Team Projects menu. 
    • Prevention of opening a project from the Media Browser autosave content menu item. 
    • Prevention of the Open most recent preference from working. 
    • Some projects to show that changes were made to unchanged items upon re-opening. 
    • The message "You made changes to this Team Project on another machine" to appear incorrectly. 
    • A crash after choosing Close All Other Projects
    • Premiere Pro to hang during shutdown. 
    • Premiere Pro to hang after accepting changes in a project.

Stability and performance

  • Fixed issues that could cause:
    • Selected default timeline overlay to not be visible in the Overlay Setting menu.
    • A crash when applying the maximum zoom to audio or video tracks then scrolling to the top of the track. 
    • All keyframes to be hidden when double-clicking on Go to Next Keyframe button.
    • A crash when saving and closing a project, then reopening the project on a computer with a Wacom tablet connected. 
    • The Simplify Sequence command to fail after editing a multi-cam sequence. 
    • Prevention of tutorials from loading after clicking the Home Screen Learn button.
    • A low-level memory issue with the CUDA GPU renderer. 
    • The buttons on the Program Monitor toolbar to occasionally not function as expected for some effects. 
    • Effect presets containing Replicate or Alpha Glow effects that were created in Premiere Pro v22.2 or prior to not be applied on a clip.
    • A crash in Warp Stabilizer.
  • Improved the overall reliability of AAF Export, project close operations, Freeview View, Dynamic Link, and review with panel.   
  • Improved behavior when migrating presets and settings from previous versions. 
  • Improved overall display stability in areas related to file import, GPU rendering, full-screen playback, and high-dynamic range monitor support. 

Fixed issues in the 23.0 version

  • Addressed a potential crash when closing multiple projects simultaneously within the Production panel. 
  • Thumbnail rendering in Import mode is now faster and more responsive.
  • Lumetri scopes switch smoothly between 8-bit Rec709 and 10-bit floating point HDR media.
  • Improved stability when setting New Bars and Tone parameters to the max and dragging the resulting clip onto the Timeline.
  • Fixed crash issue with Text panel when locking a project with spellcheck open.
  • The Text does not dynamically update when using arrow keys with live font previews in Motion Graphics templates.
  • Graphics are locked in the Text panel when opening or closing other panels.
  • Color Picker shows incorrect values when using the Eyedropper tool in the Program Monitor
  • Optimized Color Picker responsiveness when working with a Motion Graphics template with multiple layers and gradients.
  • Fixed memory issue on macOS systems with multitrack projects, including H.264 and HEVC
  • Improved performance when entering or exiting Directed Manipulation mode in the Program Monitor.
  • Smoother UI performance when resizing Workspaces or panels on Windows.
  • Fixed issue with GPU monitoring on macOS that impacted stability for some users.  
  • Fixed issue with black frames in Program Monitor when frame hold is applied in nested sequences. 

Fixed issues in the 22.6.3 version

  • Fixes an issue that could cause intermittent black frames and frame substitution errors with LongGOP formats in MXF wrapper on projects with Continuous Video Thumbnails enabled.

Fixed issues in the 22.6.2 version

  • Issue with opening projects on macOS
  • Issue with Workspace functionality

Fixed issues in the 22.6 version

  • Unexpected overlapping of Tool Tips in Import Mode.
  • Improved Tab Navigation in Import Mode.
  • Media Browser cannot open a sequence containing unlinked audio in Source Monitor.
  • Productions allowed access to Interpret footage from the sequence project without opening the project where the master clip is stored.
  • Export: Set Start Timecode check box does not enable on initial mouse click.
  • Copy/Paste ignores clip on locked/targeted tracks. 
  • The shared project in Productions does not update when selecting read/write mode.
  • Missing caption segments when SRT with lines with the only period is imported. 
  • Changing a source clip label in production can crash the application. 
  • Mac Only: AVCHD spanned clips with AC-3 audio have audio missing.
  • Speech to Text incorrectly adding spaces to double-byte languages after transcription.
  • Flicking / flashing playback of AVC media, including Canon XF-AVC and Sony XAVC formats.

Fixed issues in the 22.5 version

  • Ingest Project Settings can become disabled after adding clips from Import Mode.
  • Shift-selecting items in Import mode give different results if the second click is a file or folder.
  • The Import or Create button is unavailable after creating ranged selections with folders between the first and last selected item.
  • A slow double-click can simultaneously select and open a directory in Import Mode.
  • Copy operations can fail when attempting to export to external drives or volumes.
  • [Export Mode]: Clicking an existing filename in the Location dialog should update the name so users can easily replace the current export filename.

Fixed issue in the 22.3.1 version

Premiere Pro 22.3.1 includes a fix for an issue related to audio that impacted playback or rendering. This issue affects some users of Premiere Pro 22.3 and Adobe Media Encoder 22.3.  

Fixed issues in the 22.3 version

  • Improved support of RED files on M1 Macs
  • Improved seek and scrub performance of Google PXL.
  • Fix playback issue with Fuji XT4 HEVC 10-bit 4:2:0.
  • Improved stability when importing H.264 .AVI
  • Some DNxHD files import as audio-only.
  • Audio intermittently drops out when recording multi-cam cuts.
  • Improved support of some caption files that were failing to load.

Fixed issues in the 22.2 version

  • Unable to edit timecode using numeric keypad in Program Monitor.
  • Restore Captions does not set all Caption tracks to same label color.
  • Some MXF files take longer to import than in previous versions.

Fixed issues in the 22.1.2 version

Premiere Pro 22.1.2 fixes a critical bug that impacts third party After Effects plug-ins that work in Premiere Pro, such as those from Boris FX, Red Giant, Digital Anarchy, and other vendors. The bug impacts plug-in functions which request a frame from Premiere Pro, such as a thumbnail image. 

Fixed issues in the 22.1.1 version

  • Unable to identify blank space/pauses in .srt caption file.
  • Improved stability when importing MXF footage tagged with Ancillary Data 0P47
  • DeReverb's gain parameter is not correctly restored after opening a project.
  • Copy and Paste track effects will not apply the correct parameters.
  • Premiere Pro 15.4 hangs when reopening a project with specific WAVES version 12.7/13.0 plugins.
  • M1 systems only: Glitches/artifacts visible during playback of H.264 4:2:2 10-bit files from Sony a7sIII 
  • Playback stuttering for files exported in H.264 format in QuickTime 
  • The 4-channel AAC audio output option is missing for Parametric Stereo.

Fixed issues in the 22.0 version

  • When selecting “Export each channel as separate file”, audio clip import fails.
  • Animated .gif output Quality slider (in video settings) does nothing.
  • Files from Polaroid Cube camera slowly drift out of sync.
  • Media captured using Xbox Game Bar displays with green preview artifacts.
  • Improved Smart Rendering Export performance.
  • Improved playback of certain MP4 files with multiple audio streams.
  • Ripple Trim shortcut will slip one frame.
  • Improved stability when switching workspaces.
  • Moving markers in the timeline with M1 Mac results in flickering in the Program Monitor.
  • Application hangs with control surface device and using <CMD>+<Opt>+Drag operation in the timeline.
  • Copy and paste of track volume will add a second instance in the volume effect.
  • The macOS (Big Sur) Moving slider tool results in preview glitches with a black frame in Source Monitor.
  • Resetting the button in the Loudness Meter effect can cause Premiere Pro to crash while using JKL.
  • Registration failure of multiple GPU filters.
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