After you bring in your footage into Premiere Pro, you can set up Premiere Pro to automatically detect the original cut points in your footage.

Why use Scene Detection?

Finding the original edit points in a video is necessary before you start editing the video. Using scene detection helps you to automatically get the cut points without having to go through the footage manually.

Use scene edit detection to add cut points

  1. After you import the footage, right-click the sequence on the timeline, and select Scene Edit Detection. You can also select the sequence and choose Clip > Scene Edit Detection.

  2. In the Scene Edit Detection dialog box that opens, select the following options:

    • Apply a cut at each detected cut point: When this option is selected, Premiere Pro analyzes the footage and automatically adds cuts when it detects a change in the scene. 
    • Create bin of subclips from each detected cut point: Premiere Pro creates a new bin next to the original Source clip (previously known as Master clip)  with subclips spanning the start of the clip up to a cut point. then another subclip spanning the next segment of the clip up to the next cut point, and so on. 
    • Create clip marker at each detected cut point: Premiere Pro adds a clip marker instead of adding cuts. 
    The scene edit detection dialog box
    The scene edit detection dialog box
  3. Premiere Pro analyzes your footage, automatically detects changes in scenes, and adds cuts at the appropriate places.

 Premiere Pro automatically adds cuts to the linked audio as well. If you don't want that, separate the audio from the video before applying scene edit detection. Alternatively, you can select the audio clips after the cuts have been applied, right-click and select Merge to merge the audio clips together.

Next steps

Now that you have added cut points to your footage, you can now get started with the business of editing - add transitions or effects, correct color, and more.

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