Add individual users to groups

Add users to a group

Multiuser Acrobat Sign accounts have the option to have groups. This option allows the account (or group) admin to set certain settings or timezones for each group. The settings affect users in these groups, creating a unique experience for different departments or teams.

Adding users to groups is a simple process and lets you move them according to your requirements.

  1. As account or group admin, log in and go to the Account page. Click Groups, and then click the Name of the group you want to add a user to. 

  2. Click Group Settings.

  3. Click Users in Group.

    • To create a new user, click the plus icon in the upper-right corner. 
      • Enter the email address and the name of the user that you want to create, 
      • Click Save.
    • To assign an existing user, click the people icon in the upper-right corner. 

  4. When assigning existing users, the window refreshes to show the Active users in the account that are not currently in the group.

    • Single click a user and the Select link appears at the top of the list
    • Click Select, or double click the user to nominate them to be moved to the group


    If the user that you want to assign doesn't appear in the list, click the Options menu in the far upper-right corner (the three stacked lines). Then, select Show All Users.

  5. Once all of the users have been selected, click the Assign button


    You are returned to the Group page with all selected users now present in the group

Adding users through the user profile (when Users in Multiple Groups is enabled)

Group-level admins have the authority to allow or disallow a user's membership to each group they administer via the user's profile. (Account-level admins have the authority to add any member to any group.)

  • The user must be exposed to the group admin (through creation or admin entitlement) for the user to be visible in the list of users

To add group membership:

  • Navigate to [Group] > Users in Group page
  • Double-click the user to open the user profile
  • Click the plus icon to the right of the Group Membership header
    • The Add Group Membership dialogue box opens        
  • Select the group you want to add the user to
    • Only the groups the admin is an administrator of are selectable
  • Click Add
  • Repeat the process for all groups to be added
  • Click Save when done.
Add group membership

Users newly placed into a group will adopt two authority values:

  • Group Admin - Does the userID have group-level administrative authority?
    • False by default
  • Can Send - Does the userID have the authority to access templates/workflows and send agreements under the group's property profile.
    • True by default

Check or uncheck the values per group as necessary

  • Click Save when done

Group-level admins do not have the authority to edit the primary group for a userID unless they have administrative authority in both the original primary group and the new group.

Edited user membership

How to delete a group membership

To remove a user from group membership:

  • Navigate to [Group] > Users in Group page
  • Double-click the user to open the user profile
  • Single-click the group you want to remove to expose the Delete Group Membership action
  • Click the Remove link
  • Repeat for any additional memberships to be removed
  • Click Save

If a user has their group membership revoked for all groups:

  • The userID is deposited in the Default group
  • The primary group for the user is set to the Default group
Delete a group membership

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