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Fixed issues in RoboHelp

  1. RoboHelp User Guide
  2. Introduction
    1. What's New in Adobe RoboHelp?
    2. What's new in RoboHelp (2020 Release) Update 8
    3. What's new in RoboHelp (2020 Release) Update 7
    4. What's new in RoboHelp (2020 Release) Update 6
    5. What's new in RoboHelp (2020 Release) Update 5
    6. What's new in RoboHelp (2020 Release) Update 4
    7. RoboHelp system requirements
    8. RoboHelp FAQs
    9. Download and install your Adobe app
    10. Download RoboHelp on Windows and macOS
    11. Get to know the RoboHelp workspace
    12. Fixed issues in RoboHelp
  3. Projects
    1. Plan your RoboHelp project
    2. Create a project
    3. Work with topics and folders
    4. Generate reports
    5. Work with context-sensitive help
    6. Manage References
    7. Set preferences in RoboHelp
  4. Collaborate with authors
    1. Collaborate using Git
    2. Collaborate using SharePoint Online
    3. Collaborate using Azure DevOps (Team Foundation Server)
  5. PDF Layout
    1. PDF templates
    2. Design a page layout
    3. Publish PDF output
    4. Work with the common content styles
    5. Components of a PDF template
    6. Customize PDFs
  6. Editing and formatting
    1. Format your content
    2. Create and manage cross-references
    3. Create and manage links
    4. Single-source with snippets
    5. Work with images and multimedia
    6. Create and use variables for easy updates
    7. Work with Variable Sets
    8. Use Find and Replace
    9. Auto save your content
    10. Side-by-side editing in Split View
    11. Use the Spell Check feature
    12. Create and Edit Bookmarks
    13. Insert and update fields
    14. Switch between multiple views
    15. Autonumbering in CSS
  7. Import and linking
    1. Import Markdown files into a project
    2. Import Word documents into a project
    3. Import FrameMaker documents into a project
  8. TOCs, indexes, and glossaries
    1. Create and manage a Table of Contents
    2. Create and manage an index
    3. Create and manage a glossary
    4. Create and manage browse sequences
    5. Work with See Also and Related Topics
  9. Conditional content
    1. What is conditional content
    2. Create and apply condition tags
    3. Configure output presets for conditional content
    4. Optimize and manage conditional content
  10. Microcontent
    1. Microcontent
  11. Review and Collaboration
    1. Review and Collaboration
  12. Translation
    1. Translating content to multiple languages
    2. Configure a translation framework for a service provider
  13. Generating output
    1. Generate output
    2. Generate Frameless output
    3. Generate Knowledge Base output
    4. Generate PDF output
    5. Generate Responsive HTML5 output
    6. Generate Word Document output
    7. Generate Content Only output
    8. Generate eBook output
    9. Generate Microsoft HTML Help output
    10. Generate Mobile App output
  14. Publish output
    1. Publish to a RoboHelp Server
    2. Publish to an FTP server, a Secure FTP server, or a File System
    3. Publish to SharePoint Online
    4. Publish to Zendesk Help Center
    5. Publish to Salesforce Knowledge Base
    6. Publish to ServiceNow Knowledge Base
    7. Publish to Zoho Knowledge Base
    8. Publish to Adobe Experience Manager
  15. Appendix
    1. Adobe RoboHelp Scripting Reference
    2. RoboHelp keyboard shortcuts

The following is a list of feature enhancements and issues resolved in RoboHelp and subsequent patch releases.

Check the RoboHelp forum for solutions, workarounds, or any late-breaking information.

Bug ID



A search used to take longer than expected in a Responsive HTML5 output, upon entering a query. In this release, we’ve improved the search performance by pre-loading the search database. 


Added version number (<major>.<minor>.<build>) in generated output for Frameless and Responsive HTML5 outputs. 


The thumbnail for the close button appears blank for Studio skin. In addition, you're unable to close the thumbnail in a Responsive HTML5 output. 

RH-10833 A shared review task does not open on a Safari browser as expected. On browsers, a task opens as usual.


In some cases, in RoboHelp 2020 Update 7, the PDF output produces blank pages. 


After upgrading a project to RoboHelp 2020, the Drop-Down title values appear as duplicate in the output. 


In a multi-level index, the indentation of keywords and sub-keywords do not appear as expected in a Word output. 


When creating a Salesforce Knowledge Base preset, sometimes, an error message appears. 


Conditional columns in a table that need to be excluded do not get excluded as expected in any output. 


If a search finds more than 10 results, then the panel gets paged. When skipping backwards, the content does not get updated. The content is always from the last page that was entered. 


After creating reviews, sometimes, you are unable to receive comments for the reviews. An error message appears.  


When entering a link in the skin editor Layout > Header Links, an absolute path is required. Add a browse button to create a relative path. 


A line break is added before and after all variables, hyperlinks, and cross-references in a table row in a Word output. 


There’s duplicate text in a cross-reference link in a Word output. For example, the cross-reference "See point 5 point 5", where the first instance of "point 5" is text, and the second is a link. 


Add Chapter names or titles in a Word document like the way in RoboHelp Classic. 


In a responsive HTML5 and Frameless output, a mini TOC does not honor conditional tags used in topic sub-headings and displays all heading text. In addition, the captions remain the same when the TOC collapses. 


When outputting to PDF, RoboHelp places each H1 on a new page. In the case of smaller topics, a large amount of whitespace gets added to the PDF. The content must continue on the same page instead of forcing a page break. 


In a Word output, the links that are in tables are not formatted correctly and are placed in a separate line. 


Import a Word document that creates several new topics. If you import another Word document right after the first Word document, the title of the new topics is inherited from the first Word document. 


When you click an index item, the text collapses each time. 


In RoboHelp 2020, after importing the map files, you are unable to import an updated version later to add new entries.  


In RoboHelp 2020, you are unable to import map IDs that have length of 31 characters or more. The line on which the ID is defined will be split. A backslash is added after the Map ID name, and the Map ID number will be on the line below. 


In RoboHelp 2020, you are unable to import map files that contain comments. 


A CSS that contains @media styles does not get parsed as expected. If the line is commented out, the CSS parses as expected. 


Add Expand All and Collapse All buttons for text on devices for HTML5 output. 


When you add a second SFTP publish profile to a project, the system defaults "http://" into the Address field. The SFTP publishing fails. 


In some cases, when performing a search, the browser becomes unresponsive, and requires that the page be closed. 


In RoboHelp, if you import a Word topic with blank paragraphs, the lines show as paragraphs. However, those lines are lost when you generate any output. 


You are unable to set the depth of the TOC for a Word output. 


The 'inherit' value on padding causes an MS Word output to fail. 


In RoboHelp, add an option to insert a paragraph space inside list items, for example, bullet list, numbered list, or a multi-level list. 


There are intermittent issues with RoboHelp reviews, for example: 

  • Delete a review. 
  • A topic added to a review appears blank. 
  • When you attempt to open a topic in a reciew, an error message appears. 

After creating a review, you or other added users are unable to add any remarks. 


In the authoring view, introduce a button to add a generic <div>...</div> section in a topic. 


In some cases, a merged table in the author mode does not appear correctly in an MS Word output. 


In RoboHelp 2020, you are unable to generate chapter-wise output in a PDF output. 


In RoboHelp 2020, you're unable to apply styles on a Text Box, for example, the height/width, margins or border width or colors. The default design of .text-box is defined in the output in /template/styles/topic.min.css. You can override it with a custom CSS, however removing attributes (for example, height) doesn’t allow the custom CSS to override the styles, and falls back to the default CSS, topic.min.css. 


After generating a PDF output from a RoboHelp project, the bookmarks do not always maintain the hierarchy of sections and topics under it, and the hierarchy does not appear as expected. 


If you have a two-column style with some text, and you click the left column, you cannot see the cursor. If you click the other column, you can see the cursor. 


In RoboHelp 2020, in Topic Properties, the keywords appear in the order they are added in the Index section. In RoboHelp 2022, the keywords are sorted alphabetically after insertion in a topic. 


Cross-reference links in a Word document are not recognized as being links, when linking or importing a Word document. 


In this release, we've fixed issues related to contrast in text, URLs, and other areas.


In frameless and responsive outputs, a JS file contained the file path from a user's file system. This has been fixed.


For any fixed issues related to RH2020, please visit Fixed Issues in RoboHelp 2020.

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