Find known issues and limitations in the latest release of Adobe Premiere Rush CC.
Issue Workaround Who is affected?
HEIF images (default for iPhone X) are not supported on Windows. Projects with HEIF media are shown as "offline" and media needs to be relinked or re-added to the project.
Convert media to a different format (such as jpeg) and relink/re-add media to the project from the Windows device
Windows 10 users who start a project on an iOS device that captures HEIF images

Windows video display (graphic card) may sometimes require a driver update in order to properly playback media in Rush. If drivers are not updated, you may see weird playback issues, such as a yellow screen or blurred green/pink lines through your Preview monitor.
Update your graphics card with the latest drivers, reboot your system, and launch Rush again.

Windows 10 users who do not have updated graphics cards

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