Lightroom 5 crashes when you rate, label, or flag your images, or when selecting images in the Filmstrip.

Solution: Replace the current ui.dll file.

  1. Open Lightroom 5.

  2. Choose Help > System info.

  3. Note the application architecture (x64 or x86) and the application folder name. The application folder name is where Lightroom 5 is installed; the default is C:\Program Files.

  4. Exit Lightroom 5.

  5. If your application architecture was x64, click the link below. If your application architecture is x86, click the link below.


    Windows 32-bit
  6. Double-click the downloaded file and unzip it to a folder location that you'll remember, such as the desktop.

  7. Navigate to the Lightroom application folder (step 3).

  8. Rename ui.dll to ui.old.

  9. Copy the ui.dll file you downloaded (step 5) to the Lightroom application folder.

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