Writing guidelines for Tutorial Builder

Section, Step, and Note counts

Below are the recommended number of sections and steps that you can use to create a tutorial, however, the shorter the better! 


  • Sections: The best performing tutorials have less than 4 sections. Ten sections is the maximum.
  • Steps: There should be less than 5 steps per section. Don't put all your steps in one section!
  • For more guidance on how to write coach marks and notes, please head here


  • Sections: A tutorial can have a maximum of 10 Sections
  • Steps: There should be less than 5 steps per secion, with a desired maximum of 3 Steps. 
  • Notes: No more than 2 notes per Step. 
  • You will need to preview the tutorial to make sure that the steps and notes are visible in the panel for each section (we want to avoid vertical scrolling).
  • For more guidance on how to write Sections, Steps, and Notes please head here

Character counts

Each text field in the Tutorial Builder has a counter to help you keep track of character limitations.

Text Field

Max character count including spaces

Tutorial title


Tutorial description


Section title


Section description (optional)


Coach mark




Completion message


Image credits


Writing titles

Tutorial titles

  • Clearly communicate what the tutorial is about in the title.
  • Make the title searchable.
    • Include words that you think a user would use when searching for your topic. 
    • Do a Google search or use SEO software to find the most searchable words.
  • DO stick the character counts for Tutorial title [add link].
  • Start the title with an action verb, not with an “ing” verb.
    • check mark button Do example: Make, Create, Brighten, Draw, Improve, Enhance…
    • check mark button Do example: Brighten a dark photo with an adjustment layer
    • cross mark Don’t example: Brightening a dark photo with an adjustment layer
  • Do not include “how to” or “learn how to” in the title.
    • check mark button Do example: Make colors pop
    • cross mark Don’t example: Learn how to make colors pop
  • If you mention product features in the title, include what the feature will be used for.
    • check mark button Do example: Remove objects from a photo with the Healing Brush tool
    • check mark button Do example: Remove small objects from a photo
    • cross mark Don’t example: Use the Healing Brush tool
  • Make the title short 
    • 60 characters with spaces is the max. Shorter than that is better.

Section titles

  • The section title usually starts with an action verb. It summarizes what end users will accomplish by following the steps in a section.
  • check mark button Do use an action verb to start the title
  • cross mark Do not add a period at the end of a section title

Writing descriptions

Tutorial descriptions

  • The tutorial description appears under the tutorial title on the start screen. Use it to describe what the tutorial covers and why the tutorial is useful.
  • check mark button Do add a period at the end of the tutorial description.
  • check mark button Do example: A dark photo can hide important details in a photo. Shine light on those details by adding a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer and painting on the mask that comes with the adjustment layer. 

Section descriptions

  • An optional section description appears under a section title. You can use it to offer context and additional “why” for the steps in that Section.
  • check mark button Do add a period at the end of a section description.
  • Section descriptions are optional.
  • check mark button Do example: A  layer mask lets you hide part of an underlying image layer without permanently changing the image layer.
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