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  • GUIDELINES: Review the Ai tutorial asset guide for full guidance on tutorial assets. 
  • RIGHTS: You must use assets you created, or have rights to use the image(s) in your starter file. All assets with recognizable people must be model released.
  • SCALE: For Section assets, scale is extremely important to keep in mind. Some lines, curser icon, etc. can appear extremely small or nonexistent because of the small scale of the Section asset. 

1. Overview


  • General Tutorial assets appear in the app workspace for use in user-friendly guides that explore the different capabilities of Illustrator. They demonstrate the how, why, and when to use app tools and workflows. 
  • Through guided exploration, endusers take a “starter” asset through a series of simple updates. The end-state needs to be clearly different from the start and provide a sense of payoff. 
  • Our goals with tutorial assets are twofold.
    • First, they need to support instructional intent and clarify how to use the app.
    • Secondly, they should help end users feel successful and inspired to apply what they’ve learned.  
  • Consider your tutorial an opportunity to help people expand on their domain knowledge. Adhere to, and teach, best practices (e.g. setting up a web file in RGB versus CMYK) and demonstrate the use of design principles


  • New Ai end users, unless specified otherwise
  • Our tutorials need to appeal to a broad set of end users. The full collection of tutorials should demonstrate a wide range of style and subject matter coverage

Asset Tracker

  • This is a running collection of workspace assets and Adobe Stock used in Ai tutorials. Check this document for existing tutorial style coverage and identify opportunities to expand it; make sure Stock you’re interested in using has not been used previously in a recognizable way.
  • +Ai tutorial builder asset tracker

2. Asset guidelines

For a more in-depth understanding on tutorial assets please review our Ai tutorial asset guide


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