[Ai] Examples of common coach marks


Here are some examples of Steps you’ll use frequently. 


Tutorial element

Text to Copy


Select a tool

  • Select the Selection Tool
  • Select the Direct Selection Tool
  • Select the Pen Tool
  • Select the Curvature Tool
  • Select the Rectangle Tool
  • Select the Paintbrush Tool
  • Select the Type Tool
  • Select the Rotate Tool
  • Select the Eraser Tool
  • Select the Shape Builder Tool
  • Select the Gradient Tool
  • Select the Eyedropper Tool
  • Select the Width Tool
  • Select the Blend Tool
  • Select the Artboard Tool
  • Select the Zoom Tool
  • Select Swap and Fill Stroke
  • Select Fill Tool
  • Select Drawing Modes
  • Select Change Screen Mode
  • Select Edit Toolbar


Explain a tool’s function

The Selection Tool allows you to move, resize, reshape, and more. 

Add a Note after a Step to provide users with an explanation for a tool’s function. 

Select a tool that’s not the default tool in the fly-out menu

  • Record the Step to select a tool. 
  • Add a Note to explain: Press and hold on the Rectangle Tool to see more tools in the menu. 

Use the Selection Tool to select a group of objects

Select the Selection Tool. To select the entire _____, drag across the entire thing. 


Select Direct Selection tool

  • Click the shape you created. 
  • Shapes are made of anchor points and paths. Points control the shape of a path. Selecting a shape with the Direct Selection tool lets you manipulate the shapes point.


Arrange content

  • Select the Selection Tool.
  • Select an object. 
  • In the Quick Actions section of the Properties panel, click the Arrange button and choose ____.

Bring to Front

Bring Forward

Send Backward

Send to Back

Combining shapes

  • With one shape selected, press the Shift key and click other shapes to select them all. 
  • Select the Shape Builder Tool. 
  • Drag through the shapes to merge them into one. 


Use Zoom Tool

Select the Zoom Tool and click in the area of a shape to enlarge your view. 


View entire Artboard

Choose View > Fit Artboard in Window to see everything again. 


Select a layer in the Layers panel

  • Select a layer in the Layers panel by clicking the circle to the right of the layer you wish to highlight. 
  • A blue boundary box shows which layer you have selected. 


Toggle lock to blank to edit

To edit a layer, click the lock icon. The layer is editable when the Toggles Lock box is blank. 


Hide a layer in the Layers panel

  • Click the eye icon to make a layer invisible. 
  • When the box is blank that layer is no longer visible in your artwork.


Choose a <Shape>, <Group>, <Path>, or <Guide> in the Layers panel

Click the selection indicator to the right of the <Shape>, <Group>, <Path>, or <Guide> that you want to highlight and edit. 


Choose a command in the Menu bar

Choose View > Outline. This gives you an x-ray view of your artwork. 

Not all commands in the Menu Bar are recordable in the tutorial builder. You may have to add a numbered Canvas step.

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